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Waterproofing contractor singapore Contractors was founded in 1978 and is a full service restoration and waterproofing contractor singapore contractor that specializes in the exterior building restoration and structural repair of concrete and building facades. Our workforce has earned their reputation through the past years of contribution to the construction industry. Strontech Slogan is…… “To deliver the best solution to your needs & wants is our best achievement and reward!!” Other trade specialties: Joint Sealants Application. Power floating with or without Non Metallic Hardener. Painting.. Concrete Protection, (founded in 1972) has played a conspicuous role in the waterproofing industry. Not only as manufactures and distributors of premium products, but also as a specialised waterproofing contractor. As a mature business we tackle the impacts of change using family values, augmented by practical experience, to provide professional service delivery. This philosophic expression is summed up via the positioning. The company has waterproof construction qualification and professional waterproofing contractor singapore construction team to meet the different levels of waterproofing contractor singapore construction waterproofing, waterproofing in strict accordance with the PRC Construction Law, Construction Quality Control Regulations underground waterproof specification, roof construction specifications, the waterproof construction. PVC waterstops are available in several styles and sizes. Choosing the correct waterstop begins with determining whether the joint is moving or non-moving. Do you have leakage problems? Want a cheap and effective solution to your waterproofing contractor singapore headaches? Give us a call now to fix your leakages, once and for all. We have a great track record in Toronto due to our reasonable prices, quality of work and caring customer service. We really love and take pride in our work. Specialties-Our specialties include: Brick washing & waterproofing. 20 years of relevant experience with roofing, waterproofing, Asphalt, masonry, concrete, renovations, leaders and gutters and repair work. We guarantee our work completion in allocated time, and seek to resolve complaints with customers as quickly as possible. Our dedicated professionals are trained to focus on your needs and expectations, whether you are an architect, building owner, managing agent or facilities manager. Waterproofing strives to provide our customers with the most comprehensive line of waterproofing contractor singapore systems possible that encompass the newest technology in waterproofing. The Waterproofing System Wet Basement WaterproofingProcess has been used in homes nationwide for over 50 years. Installed in over 300,000 homes and growing, it has been tried and tested in alleviating wet basement problems caused by a number of reasons. In 1986, it was even awarded a patent from the United States Government! In addition, our work is backed by a warranty that spans the life of the entire building. Your basement waterproofing installation will be warranted for the lifetime of your home or structure. We maintain a network of 45 Waterproofing basement waterproofing businesses nationwide. Individual licensees employ skilled professionals who are trained to install the system with excellent service and a time proven process. Basement Waterproofing Extends the Value of Your Home- Leakage, moisture damage, or even a wet basement diminishes the value of your home considerably and many realtors will not represent a property under these conditions. Our basement waterproofing system is a must for any homeowner and fixing a water problem should be a top priority. The outstanding quality and benefit of our basement drainage systems cannot be overlooked. If you find that your basement leaks, our proven method will fix your problem and help prevent further damage. You can rely on Waterproofing as on contractor for all of your basement needs. We are proud to serve industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We specialize in solving problems, such as drainag repair, basement waterproofing, foundation wall cracks repair, basement deepening,underpinning, walkout basement separate entrance, and concrete works.