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waterproofing contractor singapore is your basement waterproofing contractor Toronto, Mississauga we can solve those problems before they cause serious/potentially dangerous complications – and if you accept our recommendations, we will give you a written guarantee that the problems are solved. waterproofing contractor singapore-Looking for waterproofing needs in Singapore, we provide a variety of waterproofing needs for both home and industrial solutions. Waterproofing not only does large scale government and private projects such as hospitals, schools, military installations, oil and gas industry, hotel and private condominium developments but we also do projects for home and building owners and management corporations. We are able to offer a solution that meets the needs of the client in terms of quality, effectiveness and price. On the same token, the outcome of a waterproofing system installation at a project is highly dependent on factors such as the quality of the waterproofing products used, the capability and experience of the waterproofing contractor singapore specialist carrying out the installation as well as the care taken to ensure post-installation and maintenance of the water-proofing system. Our waterproofing specialists in Singapore can prevent damage to assets and properties with waterproofing contractor singapore materials and measures. We use proven and trusted waterproofing materials and waterproofing sealants in all jobs. Whether it’s exterior waterproofing or foundation waterproofing contractor singapore, we can fix your problem. Our typical service include a survey and inspection of the problem area. So, during the late 90’s, being aware of the environmental conditions, Span Enterprise through their Research and Development had created a range of environmental friendly products for the building industry. Our products’ life span is normally for one year but locally, we usually blend our products according to our customers schedule and this enable us to deliver fresh stocks to them. If the product is more than six months old, we will normally check on its quality again to determine its performance. The expiry date and batch numbers will be printed on the containers. Problem & Solution Identification- We will investigate where the source of the leak is and make recommendations on the appropriate repair to achieve a long-lasting solution. waterproofing contractor singapore is established in Year 1991 with more than 17 years of experience and is in the business of providing the commercial, industry, residential projects, contractor and building owner/developer with reliable and quality waterproofing, painting & construction services. Heavily experienced concrete contractors- Our current team of five applicators has 50 years of combined experience, providing a wealth of knowledge in the industry and on different and unique situations. We can always ensure you get the best result for repairs or exterior and interior concrete waterproofing. Waterproofing was formed in the year 2000 in collaboration with M/s. Hitchins (Singapore) and VANDEX (Germany). We selected talented and experienced team of Engineers who were trained in India and Singapore for technical aspects, planning of works and installation of right product suitable for as per the location of works.

Waterproofing was the one to introduce Indian industry of Construction the new trend of waterproofing system with Crystallization method and Liquid applied Membrane of various natures for locations of each kind. In the process, we have developed competitors and our trend is followed by them now. We also conduct our repair, installation and waterproofing of roofs using top notched materials with the following brands: We Specialise In: •Waterproofing of Metal Roof •Waterproofing of Clay Tiled Roofs •Waterproofing of R.C Flat Roofs •Re-coating of Metal / Clay Tile Roof •Roof Leakage Repairs, Wall Seepage Repairs •Installation of New Metal / Tiled Roofs •Installation of Polycarbonate Awnings/Skylights •Ceiling Works •Internal/External Painting Works •Renovations