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In the meantime, in order to allow international Chinese language education majors to better understand the challenges the status quo of Chinese teaching and Singapore faced, RELC conducted seminars, exchanges, school visits and other forms of learning activities. Dedicated courses delivered by Singapore RELC Mr. Francis Lui, director of the non-English. About Singapore’s education system, Lu detailing Singapore’s education system, analyzes the status of the local Chinese to learn Chinese so that students of educational development in Singapore have a more comprehensive understanding. Learn Chinese in Singapore a new field, with unique characteristics, the participants hope to explore how to develop good language teaching in international schools, exchange and sharing effective teaching methods and successful experience, this is a good attempt and innovation. Yu Learn Chinese in Singaporeelite education, such as government officials, they basically only speak English, do not speak Chinese. So Singapore’s relatively easy to understand Chinese teaching materials, especially for people who have some basic English to use. This is in line with foreigners or overseas-born third-generation and fourth-generation Chinese demand for Chinese language learning. China is actually Chinese textbook codification of a detour. Beginning of China’s domestic textbook writers only foreign language teaching experience, no experience in foreign language teaching. Most of the materials from teachers colleges hand, the purpose is often to prepare to meet the Learn Chinese in Singapore needs of the Chinese to foreign students studying Chinese language teaching. But in fact, to China to learn Chinese and overseas Chinese to learn a completely different environment. As in China as a student to the festival week, two dozen Chinese courses, and a daily life in the Chinese context, immersion learning. But learning Chinese in foreign countries, it is difficult more than 10 hours a week. Therefore, C Learn Chinese in Singapore hinese textbooks for local students do not apply to Chinese students abroad. Later, through a good reputation and a number of internationally renowned publishing companies to promote cooperation, learn from their experience with English products to develop and promote the issue of foreign language teaching. Especially with such a foothold overseas Confucius Institute Chinese local promotion agencies, more and more Chinese textbooks published in China more and more popular. This activity by the “Lianhe Zaobao” organized by Singapore Chinese School Teachers ‘Association and the Singapore Chinese Teachers’ Association and co-sponsored by the Lee Foundation and received and supported by the Ministry of Education. Events this year into the first 17 ​​years. The jury composed of eminent persons from the educational and cultural sector. “Lianhe Zaobao” interviewed three exemp Learn Chinese in Singapore lary teachers about their ideas on how to inject Chinese language teaching for students interested in learning the Chinese language. The ceremony will cooperate with “the Singapore Book Fair 2014” held in June 11, in addition to prize money and trophies, every winning teachers also participate in Chinese education delegation at the year-end school holidays. “Very young, I was very fond of rain. Every rhythm of the rain outside the window sounded, my grandfather would come to the school gate, opened the umbrella of the dark green, beckoned to me ……” Six Chinese textbooks Lesson “tilt umbrella” Zhang Youfu Nanshan Primary teacher (36 years old) favorite one text. Just a few hundred words describe the Learn Chinese in Singapore situation of two generations of grandparents and grandchildren, granddaughter of a child, my grandfather granddaughter to give shelter, always twisted umbrella granddaughter side, and always will be the umbrella granddaughter grow up and then twisted his elderly grandfather that edges. Zhang Youfu childhood by her grandmother with a large, full of emotion whenever he read this text, his heart will rain again into the world. In order to get the kids a better insight of the text, Zhang Youfu turn of the intersection of nothing, but it will point like relationship with each other. Faced with the new word these ideas too far, and finally gave up this challenge. Learn Chinese in SingaporeHe said he was a favorite contact with new things, but in the Internet envi http://beijingchinese.com.sg/