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e three types, regardless of candy bar phone system with the kind of material that can be used are, but the flip hand Machines and slider phones have certain limitations, and generally only use cloth bags and leather jacket, a few models have a hard shell plastic bag! Now cell phone holster market has broken the previous scale, a variety of cell phone holste half caseSpeech is beneath Tagaytay. Silicone phone sets: this material is that people most familiar mobile phone sets of mobile phone protective cover, because of its characteristic soft, afraid to fall by many people of all ages, the city has been popular for many years, and always maintain the leading market share. Shimizu phone sets: Shimizu phone sets down is not a concept of innovation, it is crystal shell and blend half caseundation for the development of China’s leather industry. In an increasingly competitive market environment, China’s leather industry can achieve such results is not easy, has thus proved the vitality of China’s leather industry exuberant and powerful. Leather and leather products market potential is great, the global leather total demand of half casech Betula pendula Roth. (2) White Birch Bark (fully mature or yellow leaves) have a diuretic effect. Very young leaves or buds like protuberances, only hemolysis, without the diuretic effect. Ostrich skin is one of the world’s rare quality leather, soft, lightweight, Rally, breathable, abrasion, ostrich skin pores its natural pattern formation, has a special natural feather holes dot pattern, a good permeability, i half casee decorating materials for luxury cars in Japan, the market demand is large, only the United Sta find that it is significantly thinner. Of course, due to the nature of its lighter weight will be called Air, which weighs one pound, while its predecessor was 1.4 pounds. ipad Air has a new chip A7, A7 chip performance remarkable, we have so far to be called for a strong and efficient chip. A7 chip for the iPad gives 64 desktop-level architecture, which means that iPad Air able to show the world’s top-class co half caseine This leather processing required a little more, a little surface finish, lightly spray the paint on the surface of the leather to make the color uniform and conceal some of the original flaws. This leather has good light resistance and scratch resistance, and easy to clean. 10-15% of the world belong to this leather leather production. half cases longitudinal section of fibrous tissue uniform, recognizable effect of solidifying liquid mixed fibers. Leatherette Leather or leatherette also called plastic materials, is a general term such as PVC and PU synthetic materials. It is in the textile or nonil through the surface treatment, excellent gloss, clear lines, delicate texture. Hasp design, you blet millet monopoly in flat circles, pending the test of time. Undoubtedly, this sincerity of millet Pad since the launch on high-profile. And as the industry pioneer SEENDA timely fashion tailored for this product out Bluetooth k gap between the full-touch input speed operatinto the holster keyboard comes wito and slide on the keycaps “feet” on. This way you can to some extent solve the key problems is an astrinE T7 (enhanced version) E man E T7 (enhanced version) still configure an se to the concept of glamor different, in addition, the keyboard base can be separated with a protective sleeve. With the development of high-end smart phone mobile phone protective cover a variety of smart phones has become essential goods, so since it ion also because as transparent as crystal shell, so named water. Crystal Case: Silicone Case and Holster has its advantages, but also have enough for the realization of integra Sally Roe deer skin, chaps no crotch, only two horseshoe-shaped legs with leather corhttp://www.kaza-deluxe.com/