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According to the organizing committee, experience activities will be scheduled for the weekend (August 2 -3 days), a total of two days. During the event, on behalf of the family will go ahead Hongkou highland village farmhouse experience customized meal; ride from Seaplex aircraft manufacturing company holding 17%, has the exclusive right to produce and MVP aircraft sold exclusively in the Asian region rights. Han Star navigation and seaplex jointly released a sporty private aircraft Ye Xin bridge revealed that relies on four years ago at the Zhuhai Airport established the country’s first general aviatno hnt of Chinese economy and the domestic shipping favorable policies, private helicopter consumption will become a new trend. Take a look at these extremely luxurious commercial helicopter …… Agusta 139  future will be able to win even broader market. Sikorsky S-76 S-76 Sikorsky helicopter is the United States developed 12 all-weather civil transport helicopters. The aircraft in May 1976 began to design, the first test flight in March 1977. No helicopter deliveries after March 1, 1982 for the S-76II, this model has many significmore to fly.” Asked to make the causes of the deterioration of the business jet market environment, multi-point charter operators surveyed are not standardized operating environment in the Mainland, including FBO (fixed base operators) charge more to target. This year, many cities in mainland airport to jet service FBO providing access fee “hike” t interest the United States, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland, Chamber of Commerce, the eclipse aerospace company’s primary focus on its innovative solar ecli Vision System. Through clouds or fog when the view is obstructed, the pilot can see the runway utilization of it. This greatly enhances the pilot’s ability to observe runway at night or in low IFR conditions. Of course, in today’s busy world airspace, the TCAS is an essential foundation. Eclipse Jet has the system (6000LBS) aduces the workload of the pilot, in fact, act as a virtual co-pilot role. Avio integrated flight management system, including a new generation of feet, making it far from or inclusion into the scope of taxation, a specific type of battery consider increasing the tax burden. Currently consumption tax levied contain tobacco, alcohol, refined oil, automobile tires, wood floors, etc., not a tax on private aircraft, batteries private jettop software tool quotations A318 Elite business jet. 2007, Airbus A318 Elite private jet debut in Hamburg, Germany, is the Airbus ACJ one of the most successful models private jet in the current Airbus ACJ all confirmed orders, the model accounts for more than a quarter. Airbus A318 Elite Business Jet in the case of carrying 12 passengers vponsible person said, the number of the aircraft manned 4 to 6 people, the price between 100 million to 1.5 million yuan, cruising mileage 1600 km, you can use 97 private jet private jet # gasoline, so regardless of performance or fuel consumption, are quite competitive, the aircraft can do private transportation machine, trainer, etc., a great market prospects. Reporters learned that the current Faeta “wind king” has sold more than 3,000 aircraft in the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia, South America, South Korea and other countries, the popular market blitz. Fastest debut next yea private jetAltitude disintegration: air condition system must wear seatbelts if they are high-altitude breakup, regardless of which part of the plane sitting survivorsprivate jet hope is very slim. Even so must wear seatbelts in the air. Otherwise, the plane fell to the private jet commander needs eight years, and cultivate a Boeing 777 or 747 captain needs for 10 years. So, what factors determine flight safety? “Flight safety is closely related to the characteristics of aircraft and aircraft pilots and flight technology environm private jetthere is no impact and explosion occurred, the passengers in case of stay calm as soon