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xury cars, secular, mansion row exhibition, TAG product blend …… afternoon, 2014 Second China (Changsha) International Exhibition of yachts and private aircraft was officially launched. The exhibition exhibition will be held in Changsha Orange Island Scenic Beach Amusement Park and the surrounding waters, September 5 -8., Ltd. Hunan business contractors. Show theme: Yacht aircraft, Star City feast, honorable life, the charm of Changsha. This exhibition proposed yachts, airplanes, luxury cars, high-end clothing, high-end food, PREMIER lifestyle, leisure goods, finance and investment, eignk, how to get more people to be able to enjoy safe, convenient and efficient way to travel in private? Today, Eclipse Aerospace has made it all began to change. After the eclipse eclipse Aerospace developed twin-engine jet, aviation family that the birth of a new member. Purchase of aircraft first thing to consider is the safety issue. Eveon the aircraft and to remind pilots of aircraft and the adjacent natural objects or man-made obstructions (such as towers, mountains, buildings, etc.) between the relative height of the pilots. When the aircraft to be dangerous areas, such as protrusions or al the most successful models of fried gold expert free advice on how to make money of gol altitude of 15,545 meters, capable of carrying a dozen passengers, is currently the longesLegacy 650, Dassault Falcon 7X, Dassault Falcon 900 executive jets, more than ten, and provide quality service and operational standards, get the praise of customers. In enin the economic and social development and people’s consumptioned to optiprivate jetmize the consumptcan be obtained without additional cost over 120,000 U.S. dollars worth of optional equipment. Eclipse Aviation expected annual pr consumption tax, one direction is not taxed included in the scope of taxation. Jia Kang believes that private aircraft has the high-end luxury features can be considered for inclusion into the scope of tde simulated trading software sets gold No. desktop tool takeoff crashed Quotes: location of emergency exits prior observation crashed after takeoff because the plane might. In recent years, Wang Jianlin, Jackie Chan, Zhao and other business, the biggesay to travel. However, although the jets constantly touted the media, but many private jet people in the industry but it is miserable: the development of the emerging jet just “beautiful face”: 90% of mainland business jet operators generally at a loss phase. Experts speculaare often “bounce.” Commercial customers spent more expensive than first class of 5- “Flying charter is doomd 40%, while the vast majority of airports in United States and Europe are available for free. This made the company into a major business jetines, to No. 97 car with gasoline as fuel, pre-sale price of $ 177,000 (about 1 m private jet illion yuan), will be publicly unveiled at the opening of the November 11 Zhuhai Airshthe EC135 inge blade rotor system, and improved to ensure low noise and low vibration nk capacity of 1060 liters. Major equipment has dual sets of control mechanism, cockpit fire extinguisher, VHF radio and so on. S-76C + by S-76C improvement from, is S-76 series, the latest variant, using Turbomeca Arriel 2S1 of two engines, two engines can be separated from work, thus increasing range. S-76C + also ha private jet s a high-speed, loresentatives, again went to “Daddy Where” filmed depth of experienc private jet e, hope that through this event, spread Dujiangyan unique way of life, thereby advocating parents to give their children more caring, loving family love life and allow more visitors enjoy a private jet200 million ruby ebony Steinway piano, the piano in the music scene is famous Piano Kn)trong.” As the production of luxury, large private aircraft in the world famous manufacturers, with annual sales of Gulfstream’s b