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luxury villa bali area of 1,365.88 km2 or about 24% of the Bali’s land. Most recently vineyards also can be found along the north coast line. Meanwhile fishing and seaweed farming are also important commodities for foreign markets. It is interesting to observe the ability of the people of Bali in coping with the globalization era which acquires professional skills. Because of the luxury villa balisize of the island, it is not difficult to get around Bali by various modes of transportation. The traditional types of transportation to thy slow. Price ranges usually around Rp 3,200 to Rp 4,000 per one stop over.Taxis & hourly chuffeur-driven carsTaxi : Taxi is the most efficient and convenience transportation in the island. Either chartered or metered one, they are everywhere and quite inexpensive compared to some other countries. In Bali there are some different companies providing taxi services.In most ber mode of transport is Bajaj (pronounce Bahji), a minicar tricycle seating two passengers rather tightly wluxury villa baliith its driver in the front. The rate for Bajaj should be bargained beforehand. For Taxis the flag-fall rate is various between RP 1500 – RP 2000 and for buses fare are also various from RP 700 – RP 2500 (for Air-Conditional Buses). Bali has a long chain of history from the ice-age era (pre-historic time) to modern, global civilization era. With a dynamic characteristic indicating selectivity and flexibility, the Balinese culture initially reflects a configuration of aluxury villa balin expressive culture dominated by religious, solidarity and aesthetic values. These were just proofs of the existence and further development of Balinese culture. The Balinese culture flourished that nowadays one can indicates a perfect bonds between religions, traditioluxury villa balin and culture to become the identity of the Balinese community.Bali Island was first occupied in 3000 is estimated to-2500SM. Bali’s first inhabitants are immigrants from Asia. There is a historical relic stone tools from this period, which is found in the village throttle located on the west of the island. Prehistoric times ended at about the entry of 100SM Hinduism and Sanskrit writings from India.Hindu-Buddhist era in Bali historySince then, Balinese culture is much influenced by Indian culture, where the process of inculturation of Indian culture with the indigenous culture is accelerated After the 1st century AD. luxury villa bali From since then, the name Balidwipa (Bali Island) began to be found in various inscriptions, including inscriptions Blanjong charter issued by Sri Kesari Warmadewa the 913M and mention Walidwipa said. In this era began to develop estimated irrigation irrigation systems subak, and some religious and cultural traditions of Hinduism.Around the year 1343 AD, the kingdom of Majapahit (1293 to 1500 AD) which is a Hindu kingdom based in Java, has established a subordinate kingdom of the isluxury villa baliland of Bali. At that time almost all over the archipelago adoption of Hinduism. But with the arrival of Islam, rise of Islamic kingdoms in the archipelago (one reason fmost tim, you can always hail a cab.Train services are also available throughout Java island and most part of Sumatra island. These trains range from the major cities’ express class (medium fare, air-conditioned, comfy seatinluxury villa balig, with occasional inride movies, and possibility of sitting next to a gorgeous woman or handsome man) to rural areas’ economy class (outrageously low fare, wind-blowing through the open windows, parallel seating, and possibility of sitting next to a pack of chickens.) You can buy tickets directly at the station. But you can also reserve it in some major stations or travel agents.In most rural areas, the lluxury villa baliocalsndence on December 29, 1949. In 1950, officially Bali perserikatannya with the Dutch left and legally became a province of the Republic of Indonesia.The sense of Indonesian nation