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rent luxury villa bali Jembrana covers an area of 841,80 km2 or about 14.94%, Karangasem 839,54 km2 or about 15% of Bali’s land, Badung 420,09 km2, Denpasar 123,98 km2, Gianyar 368 km2, Klungkung 315,00 km2 and Bangli 520,81 km2 or about 31%.bali topography mapThe topography of Bali is formed by a mountain chain that stretches from west to east splitting the island into two parts. Some of the volcanic peaks are active, including Mount Agung, 3,142m, the talle rent luxury villa bali st point above sea level, and mount Batur 1717m. Some barren peaks include mount Merbuk, Patas, Seraya, Prapat Agung, Klatakan, Sanghyang, Mesehe, Musi, Lesung, Tapak, Adeng, Pengiligan, Catur, Penulisan and mount Abang. The north side of the mountain slopes is fairly steep, creating narrow lowland along the coastal area. The most common are hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine, and water lilies. Magnolia, frangipani, and a variety of orchids are found in many front yards and gardens, along roads, and in temple grounds. In the day to day life flowers are routinely used as decorations in temples, on statues, as offerings for the gods, and during prayers. Dancers wear blossoms in their crowns, and flowers are worn behind the ear during ceremony sessions.Eceng GondokThe eceng gondok (Eichornia crassipess) is a typical flower of the tropics where it grows in profusion in warm ponds and lakes. Usually discovered in large clusters, it can also be seen blossoming al rent luxury villa bali one adding its accent to the clear brilliance of the surrounding water. The serene lotus plant exhibits a delicate sheen at the outer edges of its leaves. No wonder this plant has so often been regarded as a symbol of eternal peace.Eceng GondokBali FaunaLike some other parts of Indonesia, Bali was home for big mammals such as elephant and tiger, although they no longer exist since early of last century. However, Bali still is rich of wildlife with the existence of various species of monkeys, civets, barking deer and mouse deer. There are 300 species of birds occupy the island including wild fowl, dollar birds, blue kingfishers, sea ea doz rent luxury villa bali en species of coconut palms and varieties of bamboos are also everywhere across the island.Flowers families are just as surprisingly as the variety of big plants. gles, sandpipers, white herons and egrets, cuckoos, wood swallows, sparrows, an d moray eels, as well as crustaceans and sponges.The existence of these flora and fauna become necessary for the day to day life of Balinese, where ceremonies and rituals always flourish.OrangutansThe orangutan is one of the world’s ratest primate species. Found in Indonesia only on the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan, they are protected as a much-cared animal. Their population is carefully maintained through an animal sanctuary program.FishesThe seas linking the many is rent luxury villa bali lands of Indonesia are filled with the richest marine life in the world. In Lampung, elephants are taught not only to do the usual circus tricks, but they are taught to play football as well. Only here can one see a robust game of “Elephant Soccer”.CendrawasihNothing quite catches the imagination of the world as the enchanting Cendrawasih, the Bird of Paradise. It can be found only in Indonesia’s most eastern province “Irian Jaya” and the surrounding islands. Local people regard it as the “Bird of the Gods”. It is classified by the “Paradiscudae rent luxury villa bali” family and wildlife preservation.Cendrawasih bird, B rent luxury villa bali aliKuskusOne of the most endearing small animals in the archipelago is the Kuskus, a wooly-haired marsupial found largely in the province of Irian Jaya, Sulawesi and Maluku. Its population is now carefully monitored as a rare species. This charming funny-faced little rascal makes his tail act as paws for scampering up and down the tallest trees.