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financial planning a child 1,2 years, prepare education fund for the children; 2,5 years after the redemption of 500 million ward. In order to successfully complete financial plan, Mr. Paik couple consulting a financial planner to German finance and investment matters rly accumulation of wealth should focus on doing the work, and the planned children’s education fund. Financial proposals] 1, leave enough household isk equity investments, it is proposed that part of the money can be used for family fund. In addition, petty cash can be used to buy m financial planning oney market funds, the annual yield of around 4%, funds can be used with the check, but also to obtain several times higher than the demand deposits of earnings. 2, buy accident and critical illness insurance to supplement Although Mr. Paik couple units are paid for their five insurance payments, but Jia Fengrui Germanyck of systematic plan, the family is not only a pure financial investment, but about personal finance level, family assets, family st financial planning ructure, and how many aspects of the family income distribution, etc., to protect the financial security of the family, children have ample funding for education, but also to arrange both husband and wife after a good retirement pension and life. Financial planner in Dongguan City Association president Ma Zhiping opinion, financial planner is like a doctor,Ma Zhiping told reporters, as financial planning a finaying someone to manage my money. I didn’t think I had enough money to warrant hiring someone to “manage” it. But then again, I wanted to make wise decisions about my 401k, my savings, and my future. And financial planning then I got married and merged money, savings, and goals with another person. It was then that I began to seriously consider finding an expert to help guide our financial decisions. That’s when my husband and I found Burgess Financial Planning. We loved Mr. Burgess’s business model: he charges by the hour to actually liste financial planning n to your goals nd and also Netherlands. Guardian Life Management is continually striving to extend its service provision, with plans to open up further offices in many new international locations.Our international offices are licensed by the below financial regulators:Guardian Life Management Ltd, is a member of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers (). – Registered number .  Membership Number .The Netherlands and Frankfurt – The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) of Belgium, operating under EU Freedom of Establishment laws.Qatar – The Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory AuthorityDubai – As an appointed representative of CFS we are licensed by the Central Bank of the UAESwitzerland – The Organisme d’Autoregulation fond? par le  et le  (OAR-G)Comprehensive Financial Planning ServicesTo assure a secure financial future for yourself and your family, it’s important that you soWe realise that it is your money that you have worked hard for, so we furnish you with entire control – our professionals are simply here to offer you information and a helping hand.We will assist you with every component of wealth management, providing independent financial guidance on the following:If you wish to benefit from our professional financial planning and wealth financial planning management assistance, you can get in touch with our financial planners through our online web form or by calling +852 3602 3elp clients fo rarely concerned with retirement planning.? Nowadays, with an increasing life expectancy, retirement can mean a miserab financial planning le life if you do not have sufficient savings.?ified Financial Planner Board of Standarhabit of savings f financial planning or investment. “And for a stablePE, VC, overseas real estate, land, P2P, etc., the actual circumstances of each family is different, not the same need to customize the family f financial planning inancial plan. necessary, appropriate liabilities to financial leverage magnified family assets, family financial structu