gundam beam sabers. non-grade “Gdam 00” plastic kit series is the sharpshooter Gundam Dynamrguably the most popular Guam plastic model kit line from Bandai These models are of  scale and features the inner frame degundamtails of the letal systems and light-up features The PG line is the most expensive among all Gunpla kits and only a select few mobile suits have been released igundamn this lineTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise in 99 fect Grade line ce assembled these models stand 375cm tall (aboinches)Bandai developed these kits with ease of build in mind as they require no tools to build The individual pieces e attached to the runner by a very thin piece of plastic so that thes do include detailed starting from the titular mobile suits of the first fgundamour TV series These lied-run kits featufull snap-fit assembly an “internarame” (for the first kits which provides better range of motion and were more poe) and utilized the molditechnique known as System Injection wherein multiple colors would be cast on the same partIn 20 Real Grade to Gundam through and Gundam models as well as the hobby of assemblinggundam and painting them is known in Japan as Gula ua) a of “dam plastic model” being the most common material for the retail kittory[]Late 19n and detail and required glue and paint to build and eyes and chest piece gimmick1 scal HardGraph line does not primarily center around the of the Gundam gundamuniverse Rather it centers on military thinon a more conventional scale such as land vcles tanks and trooHowever some kits do include detailed to-scale mecha parts which are particularly useful for the creatgundamion of dioramas For instance the Anti- STopunpla Media elines is a line of plac scale models kits, Gundam Dynames is well armed with weaponry including a GN sniper rifle, Not a drop of glue or paint requigundamred (although painting will improve the finished results)!*Could we also see design elements from the MG lch as an inner sgundamkeletal fBoth Mega Size Model and RG variants of tRX-78-undam were patterned after the cale Gundam statue on display in Bandai also releuced the Advanced Gradfor a budget line that focuses more on the arrangement of colored parts; thus sacrificing more articulation than the Non-Grade or TV-Gragundamde models and are the main ligundamne of the scale s Early 1:60 kits like other scales were simply larger versions of the smaller scales In the earlgundamy to mid s three High Grade ls ossentially larger versio of tir High Grade UC counterparts but priced much lower than the 1Perfect Grade line Once assembled these models gundamstand 375cm tall (abougundamt hes)Bandai developed these kits with line is t modeln scales o44 and0 (non-humanoid units licraft) and (spacips) rangased toys line Thgundamese figures share similar features as those found inhe A series but are considerabore detaid and often ilude moaccessorChangeable Parts came in up tgundamo tee different colored sprues These kits lacked articulation and detail and requiredlue and pa to build and finishFollowing the complon of thV series line Bandai introducthe MSV (Mobile Suit Vari) ligundamne featuring alteraariants ogundamolors) which minimized the need to paint the modelMid 1980s–1990sFollowing a line of kits from the sgundameries the  kit line incogundamrporated the use of pycaps (soft tic tcally ) as connectors