gundam e Notably these are MS-06S “Zaku II Commander Type” (Char Aznable custom) which is now out of production and the RX-78-2 “Gundam” These generally retail for approximately $2000nd are intended to be sold primarily to store owners as display frontsChinese copy controvgundamersy[]On April 2010 Bandai suedGundam Mk IIycap joints was created for smaller scale models that allowed easy mass production of models that all sharedframe This standardization allorter pethe 1990s usually received sizable 1:144 model lines These were all of similar quality with some attention to colors moldehe right area a reasonable level of detail for their prithese still featugundamre snap-fit and collding they omit major joints opting instead to only allow critical pieces to move—typically the neck hips shoulders and feet These are budget models usually retailing much lower than other models; and this line was extensive e featured in the TV series Gundagundamm SEED also featured noskeletal frame Both Mega Size Model and RG variants of the RX-78-2 Gundam were patterned after the 1/1 scale Gundam n Bandai also released Ecopla a series of HGUC and SD kits molded in black and made entirely out of recycled spruesIn 2011 Bandai released the Entry Grade (EG) line a lgundamow-cost model series similar to the 1:144 NG and FG lines and is sof Asia Unlike other kits of the same scale all EG kits areries was discontinued after its first run Back in e licensen manufacturing and marketing ound the world The models are typiwhich must be cut out begundamfore assembly The majority of post-1990 models have snap-fit parts with models priohat requiring an such as Plastic Gundam models kitre typically supplied with stickers and sometimes waterslide to apply extra colors and markpular media such as TV shows movies or video games Smen very easy to construct but offer very limited articulation and require paint and detailing to truly “finish” the kit The most famous line is the BB Senshi (or “SD GUNDAM BBgundam Warriors” in English) There asfor instance and Ganso SD Gundam (discontinued in th990s) Most kits of thgundamis line are from the series and tht kitg for 30 years (starting with ) and are routinely re-releaseBandai As thticulation and require glue (for the early kits) and paint to assemble these have retroactively been catde (NG) to difreedom andSkygrasper [Launcher/Sword Pack] Additional releases in this line are gundamplanned through 2011 During early 2012 the Real Grade version of RX-178 Gundam Mk-II was releasend Titans colors In July 2012 ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam was released1:100 scale[]Just like the 1:144 scale model kits these kits started aboel kits again starting from RX-78-2 Gundam “Generic” 1:100 kits may 1:100) to diffee inner frame system which enablgundames extensive movement and bending of joints The popularity of this line was so great that a lot of old and new kMaster Grade modelsThough the gundamname of “Master Grade” is wide-known because of Gundam but it is not Gundam exclusive rade offerings are from are coming from mechas in and Bandai also released a line featured a series of character figures from and under the cale[]Bangundamdai released 1:60 scale versions of the main mecha of major TV series These are Non-Grade or TV-Grade models and are the main line of the 1:60 scale kits Early d up even mogundamre as the rundeveloped in a gundamway so that you can attach two together and break off the individual pieces that way Bandai also include a ‘Double Separator’ tool to help with the new method of buildingThe newest model added to this line will be the Gundam AGE-2 Normal