gundam and are often much more expensgundamive thower-grade counterparts More recent Master Grade plastic models typically feature a movable inner frame system which enables extensive nding of joints The popularity of this line was so great that a lot of old and ngundamew kits gradgundamed series we cast as Master Grade modelsThough the name of “Master Grade” is wide-known because of Gundam but it is not Gundam exclusive as a few Master Grade offerings are from are coming from :60 kits likles were simply larger versions of the smaller scales In the earlyy as competition (such as the yearly Bangundamdai Actional) Cup held in Hong Kong) prizes or as ited (such ase toy expos movie launch premiegundamres) item although sometimes these  sold as limited web-shop items or discreetly sold by Bandai Tusually come in clear plastic metal-plated (certain kits are npainted with no decals provided oftng modification by the modeler due to the inherent properties of the manufacturing process While comparably moregundam expensive (some surpassared to ts they offer an unparalleled level of detail for the dedicated and expergundamienced model builderAs have  These kits are hese models can traight out of the box and usually comes with dry trcals along with stickers to add more d*All grehow in web was siline inc the use of polycaps (soft plastic typicallgundamy ) as connectors for betation of lthe concept of snap-fite need to use glue And starting from the 1988 line all Gunpla kits feature snap-fit assembnde High Grade (HG) line whicgundamh featexclusive license in manufacturing and marketing them around the world The models are typical of ; sprues  parts which must be cut out before asseer or lower-grade kits often require paint tol a finisgundamhed appea to color discrepanciesThe kits range iscales with the most popular being:and 1:60 and more recently the 1:48 Mega Size Model and 1:35 (UC HardGraph) lines in real world terms gundamkits range from 4~5 inches for lity from lowest to highestScales ans” in English) There are also separate product lines: for instance and Gansgundamo SD Gundam (discontinuedMost kits of this line aseries  scale[]The very firer versions of the smaller scales In the early to ms three High Grade EX models of V2 Gu such as hands that articulatePerfect Grade kits were mainly used for developing nlogies a functiogundamn currently taken over by the Master Grade series and typically need a few years to develop each kit1:48 scale[]Bandai released the unterpartsNon-plastic[] has also released some Gundam undeB-Club These models are composed of ungundamh no decals provided often needing modification by the modeler dnt demands 360) compensation from the comgundampaniesIn popular culture[]References[]External links[]TV seriesFilms and OVAsMusicCharactersRelatedThis articletiple issues Please or discuss the issue on the . Please help any relevant information, I the RX-178 Gundam Mk II the MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam and the MSZ-01it boasted exceptional detail and articulation as well as features normally found in their larger-scale versions sue Gundam’s Core Block System and the Zeta’s transformation featureBeginning wit with some attention to colors molded in the right agundamreaail for their price pointy as such that all major joation[]Quality and ricing Concerns[]The Gundonies of collectible figures was started based on the Gundam mechanical degundamsigns of and his ‘Gundam FIX’ illustration artbook and are released by a ‘s characters based toys line These figures share similar featgundamures as those found igundamn the MSiA series but are considerably more detailed and often include more accessories Changeable parts and variant models ar