electric actuator

electric actuator The rugged, heavy duty housing contains precisi [A] TERMINAL BLOCK: The actuator switches are pre-wired to an easily accessible terminaUS DISPLAY: Prominently labeled and color coded – yellow for open, red for closed – the display indicates valve position through the full range of travel. The display can be seen from almost any angle. Made of high impact, heat and chemical resistant clear polycarbonate, this display withstands caustic wash down and offers excellent corrosion protection. Potential leak paths are eliminated since the indicator cover utilizes a static seal, not a dynamic seal.[C] INTERPOSING RELAY: The time delay provided by the Interposing Relay will protect the switches and gears from the controller’s instantaneous command signal reversal. sired valve position, and pulses the motor to electric actuator avoid overshooting the set point.[C] FEEDBACK POTENTIOMETER: The feedback potentiometer gear has a green rib which should be aligned with the slot on top of the cam-indicator shaft when in the fully open position. This simple alignment ensures the potentiometer will provide the Servo Pro with continuous, accurate actuator-valve position electric actuator feedback. Calibration of the feedback potentiometer is done through a unique gear arrangement that is easily accessible and eliminates tt SCLL5 300 5 | 11 50 – 300 $700 SCLG5 300 10 | 22 50 – 300 $890 SCLG6 300 20 | 44 300 – 1,000 $945 SCLT4 700 10 | 22 50 – 500 $1,010 SCLT6 600 16 | 35 50 – 700 $1,165 ML 2,325 720 | 1,584 100 – 5,800 $1,990 Servo Motors (All Prices Include Servo Controller) Available with a wide variety of gearboxes and attachments Photo Model Frame Size Max Speed (rpm) Max Torque (Nm | in-lb) Starting Cost RSA06-G2* Nema 23 300 3.0 | 26.5 $675 electric actuator RSA06-G1* Nema 23 600 1.5 | 13.3 $675 RSA1211 Nema 23 4,500ies 600 in lbs / 67 NmOn/Off/Jog OnlyP2 Series 800 in lbs / 90 NmOn/Off/Jog/ProportionalP3.0 Series 1150 in lbs / 130 NmOn/Off/Jog OnlyP3 Series 1335 in lbs / 150 NmOn/Off/Jog/ProportionalP4.0 Series 2200 in lbs / 248 NmOn/Off/Jog OnlyP4 Series 3500 in lbs / 400 electric actuator NmOn/Off/Jog/ProportionalP5 Series 4400 in lbs / 500 electric actuator NmOn/Off/Jog/ProportionalP6 Series 5750 in lbs / 650 NmOn/Off/Jog/ProportionalP7 Series 8900 iLECTRICAL IND. CO., LTD. strives to be one of the leading companies in Machinery & Industrial Supplies worldwide. Our company offers excellent Quarter-turn Actuat requirements of industries from a myriad of fields and sectors, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered range from valves like air valve, solenoid valve and pneumatic valve, to thermo equipmeur standard range of products we are often asked to help find bespoke solutions to our customers requirements, with hundreds of years of experience to call upon we are confident we can design an actuator to suit the most testing of our customers requests.Therowing inventory, development and design of new products our online catalog may not show models that have just been released.? If you do not see a particular product on this page that you need, caand custom application quotation.? Please note, all Valtorc quotations are valid for 60 days.Group 42 Linear Actuatorsustries all over the world. And when you can’t find an actuator that fits your project – we’ll custom create one for you. We don’t just have 12v actuators. We can customize 24V and 36V actuators, too.12V ACTUATOR ACCESSORIES Now can you get all of your online shoipping done in one spot. Along with our electric actuator product line, we also offer mounting brackets, control boxes and accessories.We hctuators, and that means we work hard to give our customers the quality, precision, repeatability and the durable design they need. ActuatorZone provides all of this and combines it with an unbeatable price, a great warranty and customer service that you won’t find anywhere.ActuatorZone’s entire line of electric actuators is designed to fit every automation project and application. From home aut http://www.thk.com/?q=uk/node/12985