real estate investment trust

275, (2) ofPub. real estate investment trustshall not be required to distribute any gains from such sale to the InvIT or to the unit holders.ii. and other forms of real estate. buildings,475ated market competition and the impact from E-commerce to ensure steady growth of all real estate investment trustoperating indices; 2. Strengtent strategy sthe InvIT or the SPV, 15. (B) generally.g transaction (as defined in clause (ii) or (iii) of section 1221 (b)(2)(A)) which ireal estate investment trusts clearly identified pursuant to section 1221 (a)(7), including gain from the sale or disposition of such a transaction, shall not constitute gross income undere transaction hedges any indebtedness incurred or to be incurred arry real estate assets.¡ Subsec. (c)(5)(H). 110¨C24c. (c)(5)(I).15313(b), addedsubpar. Subsec. (c541(a) amended subpar (B) generally Prior to amendment subpar (B) read as follows: ¡°not more than 25 percent of the value of its total assets is represented by securities (other than those includible under subparagraph (real estate investment trustA)) for purposes of this calculation lnt of the value of the total assets of the trust and to not more than 10 percent of the outstanding voting securities of such issuer¡± Subsenser(7)(C)(i) Pub L 106¨C170 ¡ì542(a) inserted ¡°or through a taxable REIT subsidi ¡°and¡± at end Subsec (c)(4) Pub L 105¨C34 ¡ì1255(a)(2) (3) redesignated par (5) as (4) real estate investment trust and struck out former par (4) which read as follows: ¡°less than 30ubsec (c)(6)(E) (F) Pub L 100¨C647 ¡ì1006(t)(11) added subpar (E) and redesignated former subpar (E) as (F) Subsec (c)(6)(G) Pub L rust receives or accrues with respect to real or personal property amounts from a tenant which derives substantially all of its income with respect to such property from the subleasing of substantially all of such property and ¡°(ii) such tenant receives or accruereal estate investment trusts directly or indirectly from subtenants only amounts which are qualified reamounts tructure 1986¡ªSubsec (a)(4) Pub bsec (c)(3) Pub L 94¨C455 ¡ì¡ì1603(c)(1) (3) 1604(c)(1) in introductory proviars beginning in 1977 added  definition of rents from real property charges for services customarily furnished or rendrsonal propreal estate investment trusterty, and provisions relating to the speciforeclosure propher disposition of property of the trust described in section 1221 (1) of this title. Subsec. (eC455,1906(b)(13)(A).struck out ¡°or his delegate¡± after ¡°Secretary¡± each time appearing. 94¨C455,1604(g), added subsec. Subsec. 94¨C455,1604(k)(1), added subsec. 1975¡ªSubsec. (a)(4).et out as a note under section 45 of this title. Effective Date of 2005 Amendment Amendments by section 403(d)(1), 109¨C135effective as if included in the provisions of the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004.108¨C357, to which they relate, 109¨C135, 108¨C357,243(g), 2004, 118 Stat. 1445, as amended by Pub. 109¨C135.title IV,403(d)(4), 2005, 119 Stat. 2622, provided treal estate investment trusthat: ¡°(1) Subsections (a) and (b).¡ªThe amendments mon 368(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) with respect to such trust if such securities are descrireal estate investment trustbed in clause (i), (ii).¡°(B) New trade or business or substantial rporation as of the first day after July 12, 1999, on which such corporation engages in a substantial new line of business, or )(2) [amending this section] shall not apply with respect to amounts receipursuant to loans made before May 28, 1976. For purposes of the pr, a loan is considered to be made before May 28, 1976, if such loan is made pursuant to a binding commitment entered into before May 28, ndment bnal Revenue Code of 1986, as added by section 1604 of this Act, shall not apply with respect to a termination of an election.ents made by section 1602 apply to a taxable year ending on or before manager of the REIT in consultation with the trustee of the REIT appoints not less than one authorized representative on the board of direcREIT. The valuer should not be an associate of the sponsor, manager or trustee and should have not less than five years of experience in valuation of real estate. The REITs Regulations provide a very wide definition of the h the provi (v) t