Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)

work monitoring Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat) is important because it can help identify network anomalies online. Want to do this, IT managers need for their networks and activities occur at any time are well known. Only by understanding the internal network of the “normal” situation, to be able to identify anomalies. For example, shou Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)ld the network activity occurs within the idle time may be a sign of an attack. Sixth, abnormal and abnormal line related agreements, IT managers also need to check these online protoco is no longer sufficient to protect corporate networks against targeted attacks. In or Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)der to reduce the security threat posed by wind precipitous, companies need to implement customized defense, thisdeveloped for the victims of a specific environment and defense system special Trojan. These particular codes are protection or protection system does not know, it is unknown threats. Typically caused by businesses, government agencies and sensitive data on high-value major threat, the main purpose is trade secret theft, cyber warfare and even destroy ecurity capabilities, Ali has computation and data an Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)alysis capabilities, security capabilities and Internet data analysis superposition of two advantages, technological change will bring security itself . ”  About Hanhai Source:  Follow desert earliest anti system. Services in government, military, finance, the central enterprises, large Internet companies and other customers. So far, Hanhai source is the only real-time detection through product launch to exploit the vulnerability 0DAY APT attack invasion case manufacturers.  Hanhai source of the company’s founder Fang Xing is a leading expert in the field of internal security, the famous security orga Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)nizations XFOCUS core members. In 2002, Fang Xing and published the first analysis of Microsoft’s famous LSD RPC DCOM vulnerability (the “Blaster” worm). In addition, Fang Xing  network attacker. An attacker could use a malicious hacker tools, even from legitimate tools Sysinternals Suite to perform system or network checks the job. If these non-maliciou Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)s tools are not pre-installed on the user’s cg attacks. Sometimes, if the attacker found on Apt (Advanced Persistent Threat)e employee will go to an impocompetition.          Alibaba Security Senior Security Specialist (formerly Hanhai source of the company founder), Fang Xing    Hanhai founder Fang Xing source at the scene said: With the increase of cloud services, cloud-hosted content, more and more security will be the basis for future property cloud services. In Internet + background, against unknown attacks become a major challenge facing the whole of society.  For the acquisition of industry sources said, “This acquisition Hanhai source Ali, desert source somputer in the words, some security solutions will be marked. IT managers must ask, whyary to check whether the user is involved in targeted phishinrtant meeting, it will send phishing e-mail began three months before the meeting. This is another clue. Read this list, presumably IT managers will feel a lot of difficult things to do can not be denied, preventing targeted APT attacks is a difficult task indeed. But be prepared for the attack costs and costs to resolve an attack much more cost effective compared to,gers need to be closely monitored to find any signs of invasion. First, check the injected DNS & NBSP; record attackers often tamper with the DNS records to make sure that they are behind the scenes (referred to as C & C) line will not be blocked, IT managers can check the records may be injected into the attacker signs, such as unknown Domain IP address is added, not HowNet recently registered the domain, theo check online is very important, even if they are using a general agreement. Seven, e-mail activity increased IT managers can check the message log to see if there are inhttp://www.trendmicro.co.th/th/enterprise/challenges/advance-targeted-attacks/