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(In order to fully exploit the personal loan hong kong potential of talent, not only should allow the rational flow of talent, but also to encourage the flow of talent.) 4) In order to further develop policies to encourage domestic and foreign operators to create more foreign-funded enterprises, namely joint ventures, Sino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enxposures, were rampant in some localities. (from the press exposures of view, unhealthy practices have been very serious in some areas, we must take strict measures stopped this unhealthy trend.) 7) The next ojective for the Chinese people to strive for is to reachn neutr personal loan hong kong al term meaning, rhetorical terms. Thus, not only can avoid repeated say the word, but also make the report writing considerably. For example the following news report on a variety of election-related captures “say” synonyms, please note the underlined part: Chinese Ambassador on Sino-US Ti personal loan hong kong eThe new Chinese ambassador to the United states has urged Americans to consider the British agreement to return Hong Kong to China as an example for Taiwan, warning that US-Taiwan tieew ambassador to the United States urged the United States to Britain, Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty sweeping agreement as an example, to resolve the Taiwan issue, and warned that the United States and Taiwan Relations with Beijing could cause it serious discord. Han Xu is the third ambassador countries on trade. However, he emphasized the Taiwan issue, saying it was a “critical issue.” He warned the United States should fulfi personal loan hong kong ll its promise to stop selling weapons to Taiwan, and the United States at the slow pace of reduction on the sal personal loan hong kong e of weapons regrets. Mr. Han said that this year the United States sold $ 760 million worth of arms to Taiwan, “an annual rgovernment) is clearly denote the three governments of Germany, the United States and Russia. Of course, the English newspapers often borrowed names, name objects, buildings and even the alias name and other proper nouns are mostly used in common practice. Now cite some of these words and the meaning they represent, for reference: Beantown (Bean Town) Boston City Big Apple (Big Apple) New York City Big Board (big market board NYSE) New York securities / New York Stock Exchange Broadway (Broadway) United States or New York City commercial theater (industry) mple: WASHINGTON, JULY 8 (UPl) -CNN hopes to feature Asia more prominently in its news programs in order to share in Japan ”s estimated $ 50 billiOn in advertising revenue this year, according to NEWSWEEK [UPI Washington in July 8 (Xinhua)] According to “Newsweek” reported that, in order to Japan is estimated at $ 50 billion in advertising revenue share, CNN hope more prominent Asian specialties in its news programs this year. BEIJING, AUG. 19 (Reuter) -. The president ”s visit has turned a new page in relaeople to provide information is not very important figures, the reader may not be familiar with, and not to mention mention their name does not matter, it is important that institutions they represent or the disclosure of information. News reports in English, often used to represent such indirect sources hinted word or words are mainly: analysts Analysts authoritative sources authorities authorities Authorities diplomatic sources, diplomatic sources from the document released by … … newsettlement of disputes personal loan hong kong by force of “hardliners” (also translated as “hawks”), which often refers to advocate to resolve disputes by peaceful means “moderates” (also translated as “doves”) and such as, gay word, meaning “happiness”, is now often used to refer to the English press in “gay” or “gay.” series of gay-related terms also will produce, including homosexuality (gay assembly <or fornication)), Gay Bar (gay bar), gay boys (gay men), gayfriend (homosexual object), gay civil rights (gay civil rig”haw