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After the lottery [form] activity we will japan hotel qualify players randomly selected, this event will draw the scene to ensure the impartiality of the notary activity[Announcement] game announcement and the official wded. </ P> <p> <img src = “/ large / 9/4665” img_width = “618” img_height = “461” alt = “26 pictures bring you into the real Japan!” Onerror = “javascript: errorimg .call (this); “> </ p> <p> Japanese very high value on the protection and restoration of ancient buildings, Pictured Todaiji Temple in Nara, dating back more than 1200 years of history. </ P> <p> <img src = “/ large / 9887/5538” img_width = “630” img_height = “473” alt = “26 pictures bring you into the real Japan!” Onerror = “jav some commodities, others su japan hotel ch as hot food, desserts, ice cream, etc. weeping food, comics, newspapers, umbrellas, vending machines also have sales, foreigners are all of the first to see that surprise </ p> <p> <img src = “/ large / 9892469481” img_width = “530” img_height = “300” alt = “26 pictures bring you into the real Japan!” onerror = “javascript: errorimg.call (this); “> </ p> <p> Japan’s television program substantially all 1080P HD universal, giving a very comfortable viewing experience. </ P> <p> <img src = “/ large / 9890/3180458315” img_width = “500” img_height = “337” alt = “26 pictures bring you into the real r moves it so much, long in mind at a glance out. </ p> <p> 4, go to the drug japan hotel store or something, if no Japanese locals buy it, definitely do not go! afraid ten thousand afraid of the e japan hotel vent, we put this case will be solved. sea Amoy also, search a search to know the price, do not people just say you buy discount buy buy (such as double 11 for a treasure that are not straightforward The first price increase in the price store, you promised me when I do not do stupid people sheep OK for those businesses pit father Japan!” Onerror = “javascript: errorimg .call (this); “> </ p> <p> In Japan, each family will likely be put up at the entrance ofa & ldquo; other food, beverages, tobacco and alcohol buy & rdquo ;, & ldquo; pharmaceuticals, health care products, personal toiletries & rdquo; people have 49.4%. Fourth and fifth place respectively, & ldquo; cosmetics, perfumes & rdquo; and & ldquo; clothing, bags, shoes & rdquo ;. The five categories of goods have a common characteristic, that is, in 2015, exports have increased significantly. </ P> <p> < japan hotel strong> secondary demand repeat the strong </ strong> </ p> <div class = “ad250x250 fLeft marRig10” id = “adPp”> </ div> <p> Japan’s trade data show, from January to September of 32.2 billion yen dessert exports, an increase of 24.6%. Beverages and tobacco increased by 30.8 percent, cosmetics and fragrances grew 33.1%. Total merchandise exports of these five cate japan hotel gories reached 769.survey Taro Saito, director of Institute of Basic believe: & ldquo; foreigners to travel in Japan also pushed up demand for Japanese products in overseas. & Rdquo; <p> For secondary demand has had the exnse muscle held official meetings “/> </ p> <p> Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou, the content is mainly talking about the acquisition of Japan EGL international img id = “11081931” md5 = “” src = “http://house.chinadaily.com.cn/2015-11/17/../../ attachement / jpg / site385 / 20151117 / c89cdcec2f2917b5044e4a.jpg “alt =” water sense muscle official meeting was held in Guangzhou, Four Seaso japan hotel ns Hotel “/> </ p> are not the same for different violations processing. </ P> <p> This time, the occasion of the United EGL japan hotel International Co., will develop hundreds of skin care products, we have received good feedback in the Japanese market, by the Japanese women’s favorite and sought after. Since EGL International Co., Ltd. in Japan Beauty industry has a strong influence, also provide technical support for the major cosmetics big, has a group of followers in Japan, therefore, EGL International Co., Ltd. to support the avabasfromrehttp://japantraveleronline.com/