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% 09/16/2015 20:30 US CP WDA coursesI (excluding food and energy) (MoM) in August 0.1% 0.10% 0.10% 09/16/2015 20:30 US CPI (YoY) in August 0.2% 0.20% 0.20% 09/16/2015 20:30 US CPI (excluding food and energy) (YoY) in August 1.8% 1.90% 1.80% the week of important WDA courses economic data (continued) Date the actual number of national data market is expected to last digital 09/16/2015 20:30 US average weekly earnings in real terms (YoY) in August 2.3% – 2.20% 09/16/2015 22:00 US September NAHB housing mrting from yesterday, the market maker in the interbank foreign exchange market opened before the daily reference exchange rate against the interbank foreign exchange market closed, considering the for WDA courseseign exchange supply and demand as well as a major international currency exchange rates quoted to provide parity to the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center. But the second devaluation of the amendments were “one-off”, the future? Quotation day the central parity is key, and this is reflected in the People’s Bank of renminbi’s attitude and stance. Figure 1: USD / offshore renminbi (daily chart) Source: Bloomberg Trading Strategies dollar / Singapore Dollar: breaking the 1.40 mark to break, short-term is expected to further test up test 1.4250 Figure 2: US dollar / Singapore Dollars (daily chart) WDA coursesSource: Bloomberg RMB plunge sharply yesterday, breaking the rampant since March pattern, while leading commodity currencies and Asian currencies fell across the board. While the Asian and emerging currency devaluation had the le.40% 08/12/2015 13: 30 Chinese Industrial Production (YoY) in July 6.60% 6.80% 08/12/2015 13:30 China’s industrial production to date (YoY) in July 6.40% 6.30% 08/12/2015 13:30 excluding fixed assets in rural China Year to date (YoY) in July 11.50% 11.40% 08/12/2015 16:30 UK unemployment benefit application WDA courses rates July 2.30% 2.30% change 08/12/2015 16:30 UK July 2.5K 7.0K apply for unemployment benefits 08/12/2015 16:30 UK average weekly earnings average more than three months in June 2.80% 3.20% 08/12/2015 16:30 UK weekly salary without bonuses three months / years than in June 2.80% 2.80 % 0ot want to see rapid devaluation of the renminbi, so frequent intervention in currency markets in order to safeguard stability, offshore renminbi yesterday’s sharp rise is evident. People’s Bank is trying to strike a balance between long-term and short-term market reform and second quarter (final value) -0.9% -1.00% -0.10% 09/08/2015 09: 30 NAB boom situation Australia  11–6 09/08/2015 09:30 Australia NAB business confidence index  1–4 09/08/2015 13:00 Japan’s economic boom observation survey (currently) in August 49.3 52 51.6 09/08/2015 13:00 Japan’s economic sentiment sur15 13:45 Switzerland’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in August 3.3% – 3.30% 09/08/2015 14:00 Germany July Trade Balance 25.0B 23.3 WDA coursesB 24.0B 09/08/2015 14:00 Germany’s current account balance in July 23.4B 21.5B 24.4B 09/08/2015 14:00 German exports seasonally adjusthe transformation and upgrading. Recently, some media people WDA courses went to this piece, “Let the desert full of flowers,” the small country on how high efficient use of water resources and asked Israel Qicheng dependent desalination, water has merit in north-central Israeli town of Hadera, from desalination plants take a cup of water in the crystal clear freshwater taste, if not informed beforehand, it is hard to imagine not long ago or in front of the Mediterranean a salty spray. “Israel’s natural water storage currently is about 1.2 billion cubic meters per year, water consumption is approximately 2.2 billion cubic meters per year. 1 billion cubic meters of how to fill the gap? “The silver-haired retired AbrahamTenne July this year, just before he was in charge of the Israeli national water desalination and water desalination process at the institution (WDA) president.” Israel Linhai, marine resources relatively sed in May REINZ House Sales (YoY) 06:14 May REINZ house price index (monthly) 06:14 May REINZ House Price Index (YoY) 06:45 5Prohttp://fmplc.com.sg/infos/wsqfunding