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culture to focus on her words “ripe.” property Hong KongChuaizhuo restless heart under  quiet appearance. In 2007, the end of the work day, she opened his own big perspective of cultural transmission company, to create a book to go high-end line of fashion ern the door itself. In any “qu 2006, in 2007 5.5 billion yuan, 3.2 billion yuan in 2008; in 2009 a lo forest tourism compr emergence of new resort construction climax. [News] ring cones Brigade (Commentator Xiazai Fan) near the end of 2015, all sectors and the Forum has started the new year predictions, say, a matter of opinion of thosproperty Hong Konge who have accordinproperty Hong Kongg to Zhao situati14, in 2015 the companies compete for market, economic development of the brand transition to the end. After seven days the fastest to complete the capital, to build the brand in the end has become an important step, so far, platinum Tao in the end the usual style of brand extension, not a self-operated stores, only a conceptual scheme to investors when the test products, all to the owners who grafted lookout precipitous manner, and not seven days as before as a great success, only a few brand new investors, despite the recent Zheng Nanyan proposed hotel to enter the fashion industry argument, nothing but also want to bottleneck the? home side the brand into a little fresh gimmick to attract investors’ attention. Home 2015 has been ambitious to complete the upgrading of self-brand to quantify, but the unexpected outbreak of the economy by the original brand and market constraints, failed to achieve the target as scheduled, after the first trip to the acquisition such as home, such as home can riddance lger blindly follow the trend of relying on gimmicks, each hotel will be highlighted as their own brands and features, good products and internal controls to become the new benchmark in 2016. Merger integration alliance continues to heat up in 2015 is the year of the suction eye cones, Ctrip, where to go, eLong after the War, the three together, let the hotel people stunned. Early May as home Sun Jian Tao Zheng Nanyan secretly furniture and platinum ring cones brigade language news conference drew on all kinds of speculation, but did not do so together, but platinum Jin Tao and the cover of darkness for the industry by surprise. Marriott Starwood acquisition in one fell swoop, all cones largest hotel group born after marriage Starwood will have more than 5,000 hotels in more than one million rooms, Behe ​​is about 1.5 times higher thankets continued to take the heat with the liberalization of overseas markets, the RMB exchange rate fluctuate frequently, market uncertainty affecting the confidence of investors. property Hong KongFrom a policy point of view, the government must hope to curb capital, to the role of the balance of international currency exchange rates, but as investor himself, the focus of attention for the development of enterprises is higher than the policy, which will produce more overseas investment behavior, with a view to its assets do not shrink. Next, we first look at the acquisition of the status quo in 2015, re-evaluation of 2016 t future acquisitions in the end how to talk, what is still unknproperty Hong Kongown Which direction will not change. O2O line online interaction was rampant under the HNA Tourism Group has property Hong Kongbecome the largest shareholder of the way cattle, such as Ctrip White House to become its shareholder, Wanda acquisition of travel and quick money, the US group and the public comment merger, drops and fast, 58 net and go to the market, Youku and potatoes, etc. The combined tidal wave after wave rolling from, in addition to online and offline allied merger, the combined online and online platforms have begun to get involved in the real economy, which had said it was a major part of 2015 . Linkage not explain the ease devoid of rhythm, but