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But this technique is not positive and does not have much essential.   Author’s Resource BoxMichael John is an expert author for SEO Company & SEM Services . He threat defensewrote many articles like SEO Services… For more information visit our site ttp:// Contact me at webpromotiobestseocompanyservices.comArticle 3 Key Lessons To Improve Your Rebounding Skill   Author : Jason Richards threat defenseSubmitted : 2008-07-02 00:00:00    Word Count : 427    Popularity:   33 Tags:   sport, basketball, basketball plays, history of basketball, basketball court threat defensedimensions, basketball tips, rules of basketball, basketball positions, how to play basketball, basketball moves, basketball layouts, basketball offense, basketball tricks, baske   Author RSS Feed There are 2 occasions where you can get the ball off the bounce: when you are on the offense and when you are on the threat defensedefense. Either way, you need to learn these lessons to become an overall rebounder of your team:   1.  Rebounding is making the right body position.   Your coach always yells “rebound!” and you are getting sick of it because no matter threat defensehow high you jump, your opponent is still able to grab the ball away from you. If this is your problem, then you might not be placing yourself in the right rebounding position. Remember this: rebounding doesn’t start when you get the ball on its way down, it starts on the ground. Thus, knowing where to place your body to threat defenseget the perfect position is one key to grabbing the ball. (I say one key because you have to understand the second lesson.)   The ideal position is placing your body between your opponent and the ball. Take note that not all rebounds come from the rim or the board, so positioning your body between the opponent threat defenseand the basket isn’t always possible.   2.      Rebounding is anticipating where the ball will land.   You know the right position but it is useless if you don’t know how to anticipate where the ball is going to go. This requires common sense. For example, if the ball is taken in the perimeter, it is likely that the ball will bounce off strong. A short shot may yield an opposite result. What you should do is to always put your eye on the ball and the moment the player taking the shot. Predict where the ball will land and position yourself right away taking into consideration lesson number 1. Take note that you can’t always guess the position of where the ball will land but knowing this will increase your chances of placing yourself in the right position to get the rebound.   3. Rebounding is all about attitude.   As said by many, rebounding isn’t about who jumps high or who stands tall; it is about who wants the ball more. This is the third lesson you have to learn. The attitude is all it takes to become a good rebounder. You may know how to position before rebounding and you may know how to anticipate where the ball will land, but if you don’t want it, you won’t get it.   Know the right position, anticipate where the ball will land, and wanting the ball more are the 3 main factors to become a good rebounder. Learn these and you’ll be controlling the board. Author’s Resource BoxFind tips about basketball positions and basketball tips at The Basketball Coach. Article 7 Timeless Stop Smoking Tips   Author : Jonathan Drake Submitted : 2008-06-14 00:00:00    Word Count : 453    Popularity:   22 Tags:   stop smoking tips, stop smoking   Author RSS Feed Many former smokers perceived the serious health threat defenserisks involved with their smoking habits and sensibly sought help to stop smoking, in so doing they have secured a happier, healthier, more pleasant, more productive and longer life.  On the other hand, many current smokers became alarmed after realizing the serious consequences of smoking, and after searching for a smoking program that they thought would effectively help them to battle the smoking habit, they initiated the program and found themselves flat on their backs threat defensebecause something was missing.   Whether that something should have come from inside, or whether it was something extra that they could have added to their programs but did not, will never be known. One thing is known for sure though, some people need a backup plan or else they might crash and burn threat defensewhen going through the rougher stages of ending an addiction.   No one wants to come to a sliding stop, crash and burn, and then return to the smoking habit that they so desperately tried to kick, because of no plan B to fall back on. In the real world, jumping into something without a backup plan is not acceptable and usually leads to total failure.  Among smokers who want to quit smoking that is not acceptable either, not when facing health risks and with physical and emotional health and well-being at stake; for you who suspect that you may experience the negative scenario, try adding these seven Stop Smoking Tips to your stop smoking program:  1. Do away with every cigarette and cigarette reminder in the house, including matches and lighters, and trash the ashtrays. co