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timely get the information that they are looking for; * release your staff for tasks virtual patchingthat require their experience and expertise, provide your clients virtual patchingapplications.  2. Overcome Call Peak Loads and Cut the Waiting Time  Generally, people hate to waste time searching for an “appropriate employee” to answer their questions. To decrease this waiting time and smooth out call pr business?  7) You may Save Significant amounts of Money on Consulting Rates  Even many independant Virtual Consultants may offer you virtual patchingsignificantly lower rates for their consulting services if they are able to remotely/virtually simple due to the benefits of Virtual Consulting to them and virtual patchingtheir strong preference to be able to work from wherever they want, you know?  A good Virtual Consulting Firm may further be able to offer you virtual patchinglower rates for the specific consulting services you need to satisfy your specific business needs. They are able to offer you these better rates by having access to many Virtual Consultants of various levels, skills and experiences such that they may match the right consultants with the best rateeak load hours virtual patchingsoftware that will automatically route calls to: ** a manager who usually works with a calling client or ** an operator with demanded skills that is defined from information about a calling client (such as his/her previous requests virtual patchingor his/her location and language he/she speaks) and operator’s product expertise, overall skill level and language capability; * virtual queuing software, with which your clients will just leave their contact information and virtual patchingNote that integration of telephony and CRM software accelerates client request processing also by providing your staff with information about the calling client retrieved from your databases.  3. Save Your Time and Effort by Getting All Requests from a Single Inbox  Would you like to save your time on checking client messages from different sources (phone, fax, email, website etc.) and timely service all requests?  With unified messaging and voice mail service, you can collect messages from all sources in a single mailbox available 24×7 from both your e mail client and phone, and thus guarantee your clients get a timely response to all their questions, regardless of where they sent them from.  4. Get a Single Solution to Improve Call Processing at All Company Offices  If you look for a powerful tool that is able to streamline call processing at all company sites and support at home operators, pay attention to software based attendant consoles.  With a software based console, your operator, regardless of his/her location, can: * get incoming calls from several phone lines and route them to appropriate employees; * find quickly an employee/a phone number; * send a text/voice message; * record a call.  This software also supports intelligent call queuing.  5. Enhance Your Call Center Staff Productivity  Today, almost all large and mid sized companies deploy call accounting software to control/reduce employee telecom costs. However, you can do much more with it!  Advanced call accounting software provides you with various reports, built on the base of call detail records (CDRs) received from your IP PBX that you can use to: * determine peak phone virtual patchingnetwork hours and compose an appropriate call plan; * track unanswered calls and control, if your employees return calls in a timely manner; * track employee “friends &amp family” calls and set special rules to limit and even deny such communications at peak load hours.  Conclusion  To do the most of your VoIP call center, you need just to choose appropriate software: * a voice portal or IVR applications to automate processing of up to 80 of incoming calls and virtual patchingrelease your staff for complicated tasks; * skill based routing or virtual queuing software to smooth out call peak loads and cut down the waiting time; * unified messaging and voice mail service to save your time and effort by getting all requests from a single inbox with; * a software based attendant console to get a single solution to improve call processing at all your sites, regardless of their location; * call accounting software to decrease telecom costs, control your staff daily activities and enhance employee productivity. Author’s Resource BoxYou can learn how to unlock the real potential of your enterprise VoIP from the free e-book, The Connected Enterprise, here , which Alexander Anoshin has written to share his knowledge of VoIP and call center integration with you.Article 4 Ideas To Extra Income From HomeAuthor : Cynthia Minnaar Submitted : 2008-05-21 00:00:00 Word Count : 471 Popularity:28 Tags:extra income ideasAuthor RSS Feed For a lot of people, continually working away at a full-time job day in and day out gets old after awhile and can certainly become more of a hassle than anything. It is partially due to this that more and more people are looking for ways to earn extra income from home. To many people`s surprise there are more opportunities than you would imagine. Here are four extra income ideas for you to consider.  1. Independent contractor  There are a number of entry level positions that you can look into that are far from your old routine. Typic