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r requirements, management services – managing property in Asia represents the art gallery hong kong effectively organizing property by providing required services to owners, tenants, and other relevant people. The prime goal of managing a property is to ensure long term sustainability of asset value. One of the prime benefits of property management is that it helps to preserve the investment value of the building. It also helps to improve the art gallery hong kong quality of the property. Further, a great benefit of managing property is that it enables to make the property environmentally-friendly.   Managing property in Asia is categorized into three levels: basic property management, level 2 property art gallery hong kong management, and full property management. Included in the basic level are fundamental services such as repairs and maintenance. Level 2 covers a continuum of art gallery hong kong services such as accounting procedures, repair and maintenance works, and other related services.  Everything from repairs and maintenance works to leasing services and vacancy management are covered under managing full property art gallery hong kong sApart from these, there are firms providing excellent services for office and industrial sectors. Some service providers even render simple tenancy management services, in addition to managing property services, such as providing dealing with standard forms and notification letters, assisting people in filling tenancy related forms and applications, and arranging meeting for tenancy related purposes. Let it be of any type, property management services also include plumbing maintenance system, thereby art gallery hong kong ensuring the people with a stable as well as reliable water supply system.   However, the executants of property management services vary from countries to countries in Asia. For instance, the major executant of services related to managing a property in Hong Kong is Hong Kong Housing Authority. Apart from these, a large number of private service providers also operate here.  Some countries in Asia even have special laws for the regulation of management of property. For example, China recently amended a property management regulation in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the property law, which will come into effect from October. Further, a good number of firms specializing in management of property can also be found in such global Asian nations as Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan.   As mentioned earlier, a plethora of professional real estate firms as well as public and private service providers are now in the scenario to render the best in connection with managing a property. However, the quality of their services depends on the reputation and expertise of their staff. With the introduction of the internet, searching for a competent service provider in Asia is no longer a tedious process. Author’s Resource BoxWantanee Khamkongkaew is an independent author evaluating and commenting on leading International Property Consultants in Asia and Greater China, especially CB Richard Ellis.Article Managing Property In Hong Kong   Author : Wantanee Khamkongkaew Submitted : 2007-10-11 00:00:00    Word Count : 788    Popularity:   23 Tags:   real estate, hong kong, china, condo, condominium, property, management, land, asian, asia, research   Author RSS Feed The economic gateway to China – Hong Kong is one of the most popular destinations in the world, with a lively property market. With the increased awareness of property enhancement, improvement in market laws, and innovative requirements of art gallery hong kong people, property management now finds a prominent position in the Hong Kong property market.  Managing property in Hong Kong is a burgeoning industry, and is considered a core segment of facility management services. In other words, managing property is one of the prominent service industries in the city. Management of property in Hong Kong is simply the managing of property as well as providing services in connection with the property management, to owners, tenants, and other required people.  art gallery hong kong The prime goal of managing property is to maintain the value of a property by creating and preserving a comfortable as well as well-ordered living, working, and shopping. Managing property is sometimes confused with tenancy management, which is primarily the enforcement of the Housing Ordinance, tenancy agreements, and implementation of housing rules and regulations.   A large number of firms in Hong art gallery hong kong Kong, ranging from small business units and governmental departments to large business corporations, are now benefited from managing property. Property management is categorized into: management of residential property and management of commercial property. Managing residential property in Hong Kong includes managing residential spaces, from small houses to premium as well as luxury residential units.   art gallery hong kong Services offered in connection with managing residential property include:   –   Concierge services  –     Renovation and repair services  –       Provision of management  –   Maintenance Services   In commercial management of property, the services are mostly offered for large commercial areas, with more than seven million sq ft. Among the services offered in connection with this type of managing of property is:   –      Maintenance of common areas and facilities  –        Installation of drainage