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The gull tells police that the plunge vehicle caused the event, but whereas that vehicle surveillancecan ‘ t stand for located the game ends up having to stipend for the damage and item personal injury claims.In consequence experienced is what is declared thanks to the side ridicule. This type of action generally happens at snowed surveillanceintersections with paired abandoned hand turn lanes. The criminal positions his vehicle in the outermost godforsaken turn track. When the prey ‘ s vehicle drifts into the exterior turn track the criminal side swipes him. To accomplish sure the scheme works the criminal does preliminary surveillance to make sure that the intersection is busy enough where drifting will occur because of the amount of traffic.Another common auto accident scam is what is known as the Panic Stop. In this scheme the criminal drives a late model car filled with a lot of passengers. The criminal will then position himself in front of the victim and have one of the passengers look out the back window watching to see for any signs of distraction such as answering a cell phone call or changing a station on the radio. Any sign that the victim is taking his eyes off the road. Once this happens the passenger signals the driver who then slams on the brakes thus causing an accident. The victim will claim that the criminal stopped short for no apparent reason but usually to no avail. In the meantime the victim has to pay for all damages and injuries reported.Unfortunately there is only one way to avoid these type of accidents and that is to be observant at all times and keep a safe distance from any vehicle ahead of you. The sad truth is, if all motorists would just obey the speed and distance laws and rules, accidents like these would never happen. But people drive too fast and too close and thus these type of frauds will always be pulled off. Drive safe and smart and your chances of being the victim of auto insurance fraud will be greatly diminished. Author’s Resource Boxvisit best scam forums : more articles go to : http://www.the-articles.comClick here to read more on Finances.Auto-tracking PTZ Camera Track RobberiesAuthor : Zainab Al Qaisi Submitted : 2009-11-24 00:42:22 Word Count : 556 Popularity:27 Tags:PTZ camera, PTZ cameras, PTZ, auto tracking, robberies, security, surveillance, veilux, mode, IP, video, resolution, sensors, monitor, Pan-Tilt-ZoneAuthor RSS Feed “The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.” Lord ActonCCTV shared the whole security and Surveillance world with its latest innovation of Pan-Tilt-Zone (PTZ) cameras. Particularly; the Auto-Tracking PTZ, which has been undergone under many technical developments to satisfy the market customers’ needs and demands.Being alerted in case of troubles, will keep an eye overhead, and due to the new revolution of Auto-Tracking PTZ, you will be able to track robberies, if not easily, more early, especially; if your surveillancePTZ camera is connected to an IP system. But the question, how these auto-tracking cameras can follow suspicious acts? Equipped with highly-developed features, PTZ cameras can present high levels of performance. They can monitor every move or activity happened at night because of the inferred filters, which have motion-sensors that detect motion by people or objects within the monitored scene. surveillanceThese sensors provide a full-color image that can be zoomed in for specificve tered or robbed? Frank answer, dress up and go to check your property (house, company, building, mall, restaurant, etc…) because some PTZ cameras nowadays can phone you to report the robbery. The call, the text message or the targeted e-mail were sent to you over the internet to alert you as soon as possible, surveillanceand give you the chance to report that case to the police to make the necessary procedures. Now, Do you think you need this level of security and surveillance system?Don’t bewildered; your PTZ will give a very good detailed images and videos containing description every thing happened around the monitored environment determined with date and specific time. There are many manufactures surveillanceof Pan-tilt-Zone cameras such as: Veilux; Bosch Security; 2MSolutions; Canon; DVTel; GE Security; Honeywell Security; Ikegami; JVC; Panasonic; Pelco; Samsung; Vicon; Videology; Vitek, and others.Auto tracking PTZ are available for indoor/outdoor usage. They can eliminate the need of multiple cameras at one location, you don’t need many cameras around. They also come in various styles and models that fit day/night modes, weather changes regarding its sophisticated levels of panning and tilting speed and quality. Customers can download PTZ object auto tracking with the previous mentioned features and with configuratio