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Then Start Here   Author : John Wigham Submitted : 2007-08-26 00:00:00    Word Count : 699    Popularity:   31 Tags:   cross stitch, cross-stitch, crossstitch, counted cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, needlework, sewing, crafts, arts and crafts, craftwork, hobbies   Author RSS Feed Can’t wait to get started stitching a cross stitch project? Well, before you find yourself in over your head, take some time to learn the basics. If you are a cross stitch beginner, don’t start out by taking on a project that’s too complicated for you. Pick a pattern that’s suitable for your skill level. Start out with something easy, and then work your way up to the more complicated patterns.  You need to be aware as someone starting out as a cross stitch beginner you need to master the basic elements of the craft first. Thankfully, websites exist that can help you learn how to cross stitch correctly so that you can create beautiful keepsakes. One such website is:  www(dot)yarntree(dot)com/007begin(dot)htm On this site, you’ll find everything you need to get started. The main page has a chart that’s free. You’ll also be glad to know there’s a list of the cross stitch items you need to buy. Spend some time exploring this site because you’ll find information that can help you learn more about cross stitch. For instance, you can learn about cross stitch fabric choices, how many strands of floss to use, and what tasks you should do before you begin a project. Even more advanced cross stitchers can pick up a few ideas from this site.  www(dot)caron-net(dot)com/patguide(dot)html This second site has loads of hints and tips to help make counted cross stitch easier for all levels, not just beginners. After reading it I must admit that I learnt a few new things and so this is the perfect site for our newbie brothers and sisters. There’s information on fabrics, flosses, basic stitches and more advanced ones and the bonus is that new hints and tips are added every month making this site one to add to your favorites list.  After you visit these sites, you’ll have a better idea how to create your first cross stitch project. Your next step will be to locate a pattern you like. Your choices can seem endless when you first take a look around the internet. Actually, many of the patterns you’ll find aren’t suited to a beginner. You need to pick a pattern that is easy for someone who’s just starting to cross stitch.  Well I suggest www(dot)cross-stitch-academy(dot)com/beginners/beginners(dot)html as your first stop. Here you can find eight great little patterns that include the chart, a picture of the finished design (which is always helpful) and an easy to understand floss chart. Each of the eight designs are explained step by step and color by color until the last singapore interior design stitches are made which is an absolutely fantastic way to show a beginner.  What’s wonderful about this site is it’s so easy and helpful that even children will find it fun. These great patterns are free for you to download and enjoy. Take a moment to look at each of them. You’ll find a nice variety, with singapore interior design everything from flowers to a pretty border, plus some great holiday patterns. You’ll also find a great little project to give Mom. Even if your skills are more advanced, you’ll find fun patterns on this site.  While you’re exploring the internet for patterns, you’ll want to look at several sites. One excellent site is singapore interior design www(dot)dltk-kids(dot)com/type/crossstitch(dot)htm where stitchers of all skill levels can find patterns they like. Although at first you may feel this site is for children, a quick look around will prove it has a lot to offer all stitchers, particularly a cross stitch beginner.  If you’re an animal lover, you’ll find singapore interior design patterns for a chicken, a cat, a dog, a frog, a ladybug, and even a cute turtle. This site also has delightful holiday patterns and pretty patterns for the seasons. Each pattern can be printed and comes with directions and an explanation of the floss required.  Each cross stitch beginner should be encouraged singapore interior design and congratulated for taking the first step in the long journey to becoming a master stitcher. side help, really value our input, and are willing to pay for it. When we first started in business, we had our share of zombies who we had to constantly chase, who wouldn’t return calls, wouldn’t take a stand or really know where they wanted to go. Believe me, zombies take the life out of you… jettison them – with love, but jettison them nevertheless. Author’s Resource BoxRashid Kotwal is an international speaker and author who specializes in on-line and