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e proper content spacing. If you don’t want to look like a rank amateur with singapore interior designthe content you have on your web site, consider providing appropriate spacing between all the content on your site, because seeing a huge chunk of words all compacted together in one paragraph doesn’t exactly invite singapore interior designpeople to read, and it may even provoke the opposite reaction, drive the visitor away. Not only is appropriate spacing proper in maintaining a semblance of professionalism in your website, it also shows you do want people to read and understand the content of your website. Put in a search box. An in-site singapore interior designsearch box is a very handy tool, and is one feature that will be greatly appreciated by visitors to your website. Be sure, however, to make it obvious that it is a search box. Put the word “search” immediately beside the box singapore interior designwhere they can type in their query.  Write your own 404 error message. Moving, deleting, and modifying pages of a website are all parts of its natural evolution, so what a person saw a couple of months ago may not be there again when they come back. In instances like these, it is a good idea to make a 404 message to tell that person where you moved the page, or if the page they want still singapore interior designexists. As an added touch, try personalizing your error message, instead of the usual stuff you see in place of missing pages. This gives your website a touch of personality, and removes that fully automated and impersonal “feel”.  Keep scroll bars visible. You may have done a stand up job in designing your website, blending spectacular colors into a color scheme that defies explanation, but what did you do with the scroll bars? Scroll bars are no good if they can’t be seen because they are of the same color are the background, or a shade too dark to be really seen by the casual visitor. Should your design really require you to change the color of your scroll bar, give it some contrast so that it stands out from the background. Author’s Resource BoxAn outspoken author and proponent of online marketing initiatives, Mary Harkness has been writing and giving talks on the various methods of effective marketing since 2000. She has been largely involved in marketing campaigns for various online industries, such as adult, gambling, pharmaceuticals, and travel and hotel services. Mary also writes for various merchant accounts, such as eMerchantPay.As Usable As A Payment Gateway: Is Your Website User Friendly?   Author : Mary Harkness Submitted : 2007-09-10 00:00:00    Word Count : 720    Popularity:   22 Tags:   payment gateway, merchant account provider, credit card processors, online payment solutions   Author RSS Feed While most of us are quite adept at surfing the internet, finding what we need, and buying what we want, there are still quite a number of people who find it difficult to understand some of the nuances of the internet. For those running an eCommerce website, these people are still potential customers, and a lot of them really do want to try buying off products and services from the internet, they抮e just finding it a little difficult to understand.  The issue of a website抯 ease of use is not strictly limited to those who are a bit challenged in understanding it, there are also those who are very familiar with the internet, but would rather not waste their time browsing through a website that抯 not really easy to use. How can this issue be solved?  Let us take a cue from some websites that make it a point to be the epitome of usability: payment gateways. By whatever business name they go by, either as payment gateways, credit card processors, or merchant account providers, these online payment solutions ensure that their websites are highly usable and fool-proof, and that accounts for a good singapore interior designpercentage of their business. Het the link is either broken, or worse, a blind link that goes to another site. Bear in mind: each broken link exponentially decreases your traffic, as browsers will definitely go someplace else.  Ex the red X. Of course you put thumbnails of images on your website, it saves you some space to put in some more useful information along with the image, besides, they could always click on the image to see the larger flash image it leads to, right? Wrong. Do not assume that everyone has the plug-in that is needed to open the flash singapore interior designyou included in your design. It is always a good idea to include a link to the plug-in needed to open the image, and while you抮e at it, include an HTML version, in case there are people who just really don抰 want the plug-in.  Be the browser. It wouldn抰 hurt you to become a browser yourself from time to time. Click on some sites you think is interesting, and take note why it interests you. Chances are, the same thing that interested you about the site you visited will also interest other people, so it may be a good idea to try if also works on your website.  These are just some tips on how to make your website a bit more user-friendly, as it goes without saying tp   Author : Ned Dagostino Submitted : 2008-12-27 06:39:00    Word Count : 663    Popularity:   30 Tags:   money clip, wallet, accessories, men’s accessories, fashion, men   Author RSS Feed In the realm of gent’s accessories the personalized money clip stands out for its affordable elegance and individuality. The money clip is a purely utilitarian device to clip together currency notes and cards. It reduces the w