s extensive use of the arms in a position above the shoulders. The bad news was that surveillance his work station was directly in the center of a huge garage, about 100 surveillance feet from the bay doors at either end. No way to get film from outside the garage.  “While walking around to locate the subject, I realized that I fit in perfectly and no one gave any thought to my presence amongst the hundreds of mechanics in the compound. All I needed was a way to get close and film. Inspiration surveillance struck. My toolbox would hold the video camera easily. All it required was a few modifications – a hole drilled for the lens, a sheet of dark plastic to cover the hole and a specialized device to adjust the height of the camera (in this case – a surveillance towel scrunched under the camera).   “I arrived the next day, only to find I had missed him (morning shift only). But in looking around, I found vending machines about 20 feet from his work station, and right next to these – a table of the perfect height for filming.  “The next day I got there early. There was our subject, his arms stretched above his head. My toolbox and I made our way over to the vending machines and I set my secret weapon on the table. I got coffee. I opened my surveillance toolbox, turned on the camera, got it aimed directly at his work station, and adjusted the focus.   “As I was doing this, our subject (a big muscular guy) walked a few feet away to the machine used to separate tires from rims, an activity that would rip the arms out of the sockets of a normal person. I couldn’t resist and shifted my toolbox so it recorded the exertions of our subject while I inspected the pastry and candy offerings.   “Our subject returned to his station. I got a tool out of surveillance the box while adjusting it back to cover him. I had it. Ca”  Another victory for truth, justice and lower insurance premiums. Author’s Resource Box Tom Reitze is President of David Morse & Associates (, an independent investigations and claims adjusting company with 45 offices in 15 states. To see other Fraud Chronicles surveillance articles, go to Dealing With Prolonged Headache   Author : Daniel Day Submitted : 2009-11-19 22:53:09    Word Count : 577    Popularity:   33 Tags:   chronic headache, chronic headache review, chronic headache treatment, chronic migraine, chronic tension headache, cluster, cluster headaches, cluster migraine, constant headache, cure migraine headaches, daily headache, depression   Author RSS Feed Various Treatments For Chronic HeadacheHeadache is one of the most common ailments suffered by folks, so much so that during a given year, as many as 90 % of the people suffer from headache, at least once. Then there are people who are suffering from chronic headache. Medical organizations across the globe define chronic headache as a condition where the victim experiences headache for at least fifteen days in a given month. Research and field studies indicate that as many as 4 to five percent of the general people is a victim of chronic headache.There are many treatment options that may help one handle protracted headache. If you want to use traditional medications to fight the problem, then you have several analgesics and unfinished drugs to choose from. Amidst various other medicines, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin are the most commonly used. Make sure that you are using these medicines under the surveillance of a health care provider. Excessive usage of these medicines can make you dependent on these drugs. You will also have to deal with withdrawal pains when you stop taking these medicines.A very effective option is to take drugs which have a preventative nature. Such preventative drugs are better known as prophylactic medicine. Commonly available prophylactic drugs are Prozac, Zanaflex and Neurontin. The popularity of such medicines is soaring high. They’re in fact being preferred over analgesics. For such medicines to give best results, they are recommended to be taken on a day-to-day basis. It is going by the motto of prevention is better then cure. It prevents the headache from happening in the 1st place. In contrast the analgesics