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iring no structure other than a b and simultaneously reduce the amount of material michael jordan sneaker collectionsent to local landfills. Composting is the process by which these organic materials decompose into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner; so michael jordan sneaker collectionthat flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees can thrive in a nutrient-rich environment.Author’s Resource BoxJim Woodall has 49Years business Exp, does Internet and Affiliate Mktg. A must visit is his Composting website, lots good info at http://jwoodl.com/composting Also claim your three free Ebooks NO Obligation at http://freegiveaways.jwoodl.com/index.htmlAre You Losing Business By Only Accepting Cash And Checks? Author : Chris michael jordan sneaker collectionRempelSubmitted : 2007-07-31 00:00:00 Word Count : 866 Popularity:   47 Tags:   accept credit cards, credit card processing, merchant michael jordan sneaker collectionaccount, low cost merchant service  Author RSS FeedMany mobile business owners and professionals struggle with payment options. While on the road, moving from one job site (or client) to the next, it can be difficult to keep things organized. Most small business owners have the luxury of a storefront, michael jordan sneaker collectioncash register, and credit card processing terminal. For them, there’s no guesswork or potential “run-around” involved – either the card has funds, or it doesn’t.Mobile business owners, such as landscapers, trades people, merchants at craft fairs, and others simply do not have these luxuries. Most are limited to accepting cash or check; the latter with no guarantee that there are funds michael jordan sneaker collectionin the account. It can be difficult for them to find a payment method that is convenient for both them and their customer, especially for big-ticket items. Unfortunately, this may often mean that the sale goes instead to the brick and mortar merchant, simply because they accept credit cards and/or provide a financing option that doesn’t involve some sort of collection arrangement.(In other words, the credit card company acts as the “creditor” for them, in a sense, and gives the customer a self-directed financing plan on their own terms.) Are you losing sales because you don’t or can’t accept credit cards? This is a problem shared by many mobile business owners. Imagine the sales you might have had at your last trade michael jordan sneaker collectionshow or job fair, if payment of a large sum had been easier and more convenient for your customer. Customers are carrying less and less cash around. We Use a Wireless Credit Card Terminal.If your typical business day consists of a large number of smaller sized transactions (for example, a pizza delivery business with an average of 40 sales under $30 a day), then you should seriously consider getting a wireless credit card processing machine.Your monthly fees for the merchant account (and equipment, if leasing) will be average, as will the discount rate per sale, but the convenience factor in addition to the potential increase in sales from customers who don’t necessarily have cash on hand will likely more than make up for the monthly fees, and then some.2. Accept Credit Cards by PhoneNow, if you run a business where you’re only closing on a few sales a day, but at a higher ticket ($x00 – $x,000), then you’ll want to minimize your merchant account costs because your credit card transactions will be more of an occasional occurrence – even though it will certainly impact your business in regards to convenience, efficiency and potentially even sales.For example, if you own a landscape business where the average transaction is $600, you’ll find that quite a few clients will want to take advantage of either their card’s built-in rewards points (like “air miles”), the flexible financing – or in most cases, both of these added benefits combined.The benefit for you is that credit doesn’t “bounce” and in most cases, you’ll have access to the funds much faster than with a check.Now, here’s the best part – you can accept credit card payments on the spot from any touch-tone phone, including your cellular.Also, the leading “pay by phone” services available hhttp://mj23.shopdada.com/