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Ball Mill For Sale | Ball Mill | Grinding Mill-Zenith Author : zenith zgx Submitted : part time design course singapore2010-04-29 19:33:33    Word Count : 544    Popularity:   42 part time design course singaporeTags:   ball mill, ball mill for sale , grinding mill    Author part time design course singaporeRSS FeedShanghai Zenith Power Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a international professional corporation , majoring in the mining machine for A few years part time design course singaporeago I taught business seminars in this part of the world. Singapore is one of the places I went to. It was one of the cleanest cities I have part time design course singaporeever seen. Singapore is also the most economically successful country in Southeast Asia and is the 17th wealthiest country in the world in terms of GDP per capital. It is an island located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula and about 85 miles north of the Equator. You will find one of the few part time design course singaporeremaining city-states in the world and the smallest country in Southeast Asiaconstruction ,and the research ,manufacturing and sales of the industrial crushing and grinding mills. Now,you can find Zenith products in over 30 countries and regions ,such as Australia ,U.S.,Italy,Singapore,India, Kazakhstan,etc. The crusher and grinding mills we have produced have taken a leading role in the domestic market and achieved the international-level in the field of the same products.On the basis of the consistent absorbtion of the advanced experience,we have developed the V.W High Grade Stone Crushing and Shaping Machine and the HPC series cone crusher,which have become a priority equipment in the field of the construction and other high-grade railway ,roadway . All kinds of the crushing and grinding mills we have produced feature the advantages of the creatitive design ,high-effiency ,and energy-saving ,which have become an ideal machine for the metallurgy and mine grinding .To provide the best production and service,our company always take the market demands as the creative motive and source. And Zenith will take the professional technology design ,high-quality production and perfect service as the promise to the market and society . Zenith is the first to adopt the the advanced CAD and computer stimulation system,which ensures the quality of design ,development ,and after-sales service . And we look forward to your visiting and are willing to present the most considerate service for you !Zenith producted ball mill,you can to choose one what you need.Zenith ball mill for sale.Following a brief introduction on the bal mill.Ball mill adopts roller bearing support, which has little frictional resistance and can save energy. The cylinder is made into cone shape in the discharge end, the production efficiency is thereby improved. The small size ball mill uses integral base which can facilitate transport, installation, adjustment and maintenance. It can be widely applied to processing in metal mine, non-metal mine, refractory materials and abrasive material industry.Ball mill Working Principle:1) This ball mill,a horizontal type and tubular running device, has two warehouses. This machine is a grid type .The material enters spirally and evenly the first warehouse of the milling machine along the input material hollow axis by input material device.2) In this warehouse , there is a ladder scaleboard or ripple scaleboard, and different specification steel balls are installed on the scaleboard, when the barrel body rotates and then produces centrifugal force ,at this time , the steel ball is carried to some height and falls down to make the material heavy striked and grinded .3) After being grinded coarsely in the first warehouse, the material then enters the second warehouse for regrinding with the steel ball and scaleboard. In the end, the powder is discharged by output material board and the final products are completed. Ball mill Structure FeaturesThis machine is made up of feeding part ,discharging part,gyre part time design course singaporepart,transmission part(decelerator,small transmission gear,generator,electrical control )and so on .The hollow axis adopts the cast steel and the rotary big gear is processed from cast rolling gear .The barret body wears well and bears wearable scaleboard . If you want to know more about our products ,Please contact us by email:mining@zenithcrusher.netor you can visit our website:Author’s Resource Box Article