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Caring For Dry And Brittle Hair Author : Jay Brandley Submitted : 2018-06-23 The initial nail salon centralhairstyle needs to be created in a salon for the best effect; here are some tips for hair care options to maintain The Farrah. Apply a texturizing lotion to nail salon centralwet hair for texture and volume and blow dry the hair upside down from side to side. Use a paddle brush to increase volume and smooth the hair.The RachelThe popularity of US TV show Friends in the 90s was evident, not just from the nail salon centralmountain of column inches and video sales, but also from the sudden craze for a particular hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston s character, Rachel Green, had a haircut in season one and two of the show which became so popular that it nail salon centralwas named after her and replicated in hair salons all over the world.The Rachel , also known as The Rachel Shag and The Rachel Haircut , is a bouncy, square layered hairstyle which can be created initially in the salon and maintained with regular hair straightening. Volume can be added successfully using a nail salon centralvolumising product by a top hair care brand and a salon quality shine serum will complete this glossy look.    Word Count : 479    Popularity:   14 Tags:   hair care, dry hair, brittle hair, care for hair    Author RSS FeedIt is understandable when a person gets frustrated from damaged hair. If your hair is dry and brittle, this can affect your nail salon centralhairstyling regimes. Also, dry and brittle hair may not allow you to style your hair as much as you would like. Because of this, people may feel like they are losing a hold on their own physical self images. Well, do not lose hope for restoring health to your hair. Here are just a few things you can do to help your body restore your dry and brittle hair to a nice and healthy state.Do Not Dye or Highlight Your HairWhen your hair nail salon centralis dry and brittle, it may not be able to withstand the chemicals and other harsh agents that hair dye has in its ingredients. As a result, if you were to dye or highlight your hair while it is in its dry and brittle state, you will only be doing more damage to your hair. Not only will your hair become even more damaged, but you increase the risk of permanent damage to your hair. So, as fun as it is to highlight and dye your hair, you nail salon centralwould do well to refrain from these acts for the time that your hair is in this delicate state.Avoid Over Brushing Your HairWhile many believe that brushing your hair will keep your hair healthy, every brush stroke actually does a small amount of damage to your hair. The brush stroke motions on your hair may cause tearing and breakage no matter how good your brush is or how gently you brush it. I would not refrain from brushing your hair all together, however it would be good to keep this to a minimal. Consult a Professional StylistWhen you are sick, it is not uncommon to go to a doctor to seek out help and advice. We go and see a doctor during this time because they are trained professionals who are qualified to give us the help and advice that we need in order to become well again. Well, this can be applied to stylists and salon professionals. Stylists and salon professionals are hair doctors. These people know what is good for our hair, and they are qualified to give us knowledgeable advice that will benefit the health of our hair.So, if you are suffering from dry and brittle hair, use these hair care tips to your advantage. Do not dye or over brush your hair, and do not be afraid to seek professional advice in the form of a hair stylist. We wish you the best in your quest to restore your hair to good health once again.Author’s Resource Box If you are looking for great hair care products, Jay authors a site entitle Maximum Hair Care. Maximum Hair Care is devoted to providing the best deals on great hair products such as Ojon Hydrating and Ojon Restorative hair products.Article m