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The Salon industry certainly has gone through some major changes in the past 30 years. One of my favorite developments is the fact that today we have so many customized hair care products that make it much easier for our clients to make their hair look as good at home as we do at the salon or almost as good.Our salon clients often complain about having difficulties duplicating what we do in the salon. We nail salon centralsolve this problem by teaching them what styling aids to use and how to use them properly. In the 70’s, when I started in this industry, there was just pomade, mousse and hair spray!These days, we can give lift at the root with a Root Booster, and shine throughout the ends with finishing products. We can make thick course hair feel finer, and make thin hair thicker without looking greasy. Build up removal products are also very popular in our salon. Professional salon products leave very little if any build up on the hair.Certain products on the market, however, do leave build up on your hair. Product build up and mineral build up shower water on your hair can leave it very flat and dull looking, and can even cause discoloration. Tap nail salon centralwater from older, rusty plumbing pipes is especially brutal, and I recommend installing a water filter in your shower to remedy it.Another area that has made dramatic advances is hair coloring. An amazing new product called Magma is able to run through previously colored hair and it’s color, but it’s doesn’t contain any ammonia! In the past, only bleach is able to do that with previously tinted hair, and even then the ends don’t come out as the exact same color as the roots, or the midshaft area.I have switched over many clients of mine from bleach to Magma and the results are amazing. The color result from Magma is far better then bleach, and provides a nice, even color from the root all the way to the hair ends. There are some important nail salon centralguidelines with this color, and your stylist needs to know them to ensure a full success.When you get your next color done, make sure to ask your stylist about the latest color techniques and products. This way you don’t have to wonder why that blonde you saw at the check out stand has such wonderful blonde highlights, but without that damaged and dried out look that usually comes with bleach! Certain hair care issues, such as greying hair and dandruff, can cause anxiety and distress and be difficult to talk about. However, with the increasingly high quality salon hair products and treatments available to us, there are now ways to solve even the most stubborn hair care problems to leave you with shiny, healthy hair you can be proud of. If you choose to colour your hair, it important to do this no more than once every six weeks, particularly if the hair dye you are using contains bleach. Over use of nail salon centralbleaching agents can damage the hair and leave it looking lifeless.For the best results, get your hair dyed professionally ? it is easy to go wrong if you try it yourself, and a salon professional will give you a tone and style perfectly suited to you, highly unlikely if you use a shop bought dying product. Dandruff is usually caused by a naturally occurring type of yeast which exists on everbody scalp. When this yeast grows too much, the scalp has an inflammatory immune response, and more skin cells grow and die on the scalp. Usually, there are fewer dead skin cells and they nail salon centraldisappear quickly. Dandruff affects huge numbers of people but it is usually very easy to deal with. In most cases, the dandruff is treatable with a good quality medicated shampoo. However, if you are prone to dandruff, it is sensible to continue to use the dandruff shampoo, even after he problem has cleared up. If a nail salon centralmedicated shampoo does not do the trick, visit a trichologist hair specialis for further checks and advice.