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China business networks are sustained by chinese writing class cultural values and traditions from China. When these values disappear, the networks will collapse. Trust, reciprocity, face, time, harmony, hierarchy, power distance, long-term orientation has been identified as the key cultural values from China. These cultural values from China are the main representations of the seven core rituals of Confucianism: Benevolence, Harmony, Midway, Forbearance, Filial Piety, Trust and Cautious Words. In China, chronic suspicion prevails. China people appear to be quite suspicious and cold towards strangers with whom relationships have not been established. Nobody could be trusted except one’s kinfolk in the form of the extended family. As China chinese writing classpeople do not trust outsiders, a social network consisting of family members, relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues etc is the immediate sphere on which trust can be established, reciprocated and developed. Such an obsession with trust is caused by another, often neglected, phenomenon in China, dishonesty. In business transactions, a great deal of adulteration of goods is practiced, for example, weights and measures are juggled. To protect one’s interest and ensure that opportunistic behaviors such as cheating are kept to a minimum, trust must be established before any serious business relationship can be cemented. Trust-based ‘guanxiwang’ is the alternative to the market, which is often driven by opportunistic chinese writing classbehaviors. Drug and alcohol dependency is a major health concern all over the world as it is very difficult to treat and cure. Addicts are known to use even detoxification drugs to get their daily dose of high. A new trend is being noticed all over the world as natural detoxification herbs are being used to treat and cure a person of his/her addiction. Completely side effects free, these Chinese detoxification herbs help to reinstate the lost harmony of the mind and the body without tampering with it. At Longevity Herbs we deal with such medicinal herbs that can help to treat drug and alcohol abuse effectively.In modern western medicine, drug and alcohol detoxification is a program of planned withdrawal which may or chinese writing classmay not include medication to assist in withdrawal. The length of detoxification depends on the substance ingested and the methods used for detoxification. In such cases most drugs used to suppresses withdrawal symptoms and the chronic “drug hunger” causes nausea, vomiting and constipation that are common side effects. However, most addicts are known to develop chronic physical dependence on the very drugs that have been used to treat him/her. It is here that Chinese traditional herbs can make a difference by treating addiction problem without any harmful side effects. Chinese traditional detoxification herbs help to you chinese writing classto bury the habit once and forever without messing up your body or making you dependent on these herbal medicines. Writing a dissertation properly cannot be done in a single day, it requires a great amount of time and effort to write a proper dissertation. There are certain traits that a student should adopt in order to properly write dissertations these are analytical thinking and proper assimilation of information. Unlike general study methods that students acquire in order to complete a usual academic assignment, custom dissertation enables the student to start developing a set of effective research and writing techniques. In chinese writing classconclusion we can say that Dissertation writing can be very challenging in terms of time management and prioritizing tasks it is a major piece of research and most often students are likely to wait for months before its actual submission. Therefore the dissertation can sometimes cause issues and problems for students who are normally good at deadline management. If a student knows that he or she has problems with working on an individual basis then they should take advice from a professional or their colleagues this would help the student in writing a dissertation in the most professional manner and submitting it in its due course of time.