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Great service from him, and excellent wine suggestions. Taipei Japanese restaurant The FoodThen came dinner I did the 9 course tasting menu. I can’t honestly say anything was “bad” nor can I say anything was “great” either. Everything maintained a level of “good”. Which is fine most of the time, but when I’m dropping 300+ for a dinner for two, I want great. I started out with the caviar and champagne pairing. No complaints here. Taipei Japanese restaurant They often donturn their eyes to used cars because of the misconception that used cars wonbe good as the new ones and will require a lot of maintenance. However, the Japanese used cars are something different. They will be as classy as the new ones and also will require the same maintenance that a new car needs. That was good. Then moved onto the “Soubise Risottomulled apple cider, duck confit and chestnuts. It was good,the risotto was a little overcooked and a bit too mushy than it should have been but overall taste was good. I then moved onto the “Vichyssoise Treated like a Salad celery, apple and smoked roe. Creativity is good – when it works. This to me, clearly did not work. Organic Salmon bok choy, coconut, Japanese eggplant and red curry was next up. Taipei Japanese restaurant This I have to say was very “safe”. It tasted like Salmon. It was good Salmon, but thats about it. The red curry foam had little flavor and the rest didn’t do a whole lot for me flavor wise. Lamb Two Ways was next on the tasting line up. This was tasty. Taipei Japanese restaurant Although, again – I must say – Very safe. It was a lamp chop and what amounted to a lamb meatball. Both were good, but lacked in creative flavor. It tasted like a stewed lamb meatball and a lamb chop. Good – but I was expecting more. Tea Smoked Duck Breast arrived next. This I was not able to finish. It was just too rich. It tasted as if the duck breast had been dipped in bacon fat – over the top rich. Way over the top rich. On top of that, it was simply too rare. I order my meat rare to medium rare. This was simply a bad idea. All these ingredients when made into a true Vichyssoise flow very well together – Because you can get them all in your mouth at once. When you have them on the plate as a Salad – Not so much. Taipei Japanese restaurant It tasted like I was eating random items out of my veggies drawer. Next time, I hope they “treat” the Vichyssoise like a Soup. This was on the border line of raw. Customers need to be able to chew the food to enjoy it. The duck ended up tasting like a rich bacon gum ball in my mouth until I finally gave up and swallowed. My favorite part of the evening was the Smokey Chocolate Mousse caramel powder, bacon brittle, chocolate micro-sponge and burnt sugar gelato. Our server who seemed to be absent from checking on us most of the night added on a $33 charge to our bill I did not recognize, and took about 12 mins correct it once I pointed it out. Chef Debbie Gold will be on Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters,” beginning April 7, so I may watch to see if any of these creations pop up on the show. Over all I give the Restaurant a C. I don’t know that I would return with so many other great choices in the KC area. For the same price point, more flavor and creativity I would suggest a trip to BlueStem.Author’s Resource BoxAlmost everyone in this planet will love to own a car. However, not everyone out there can afford to buy a new car for some reasons. This was a real treat. Very creative and tasted good with every bite.FINAL WORD Over all the experience was ok. Taipei Japanese restaurant Its a beautiful restaurant rich with history. The downfall of the current economy is making people to stay very far away from the idea of buying a new car. Moreover, you can get used Japan cars for almost half the price you pay for the new one. Luxurious used car in Japan The luxurious Benz, Porsche and BMW cars are the current attraction in the Japanese automotive industry.