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Tanning at home is a extremely popular market nail salon hong kong. And in fact home tanning is becoming such a popular market that tanning booths are finding their way into more and more homes every day. But, how does getting a tan at home compare to going to a salon? After all, the salons can buy and maintain more powerful tanning beds so how does that compare to the tanning beds you can have at home nail salon hong kong? Is it more convenient to tan at home? I think so, and in fact, for most being able to get a tan whenever it suits them regardless of time of day or the weather is a massive plus. Also, privacy is a big factor as well, some people are just plain uncomfortable stripping off in a public place even if it is meant to be private. And finally not only will you be saving money with your own tanning bed on the tan itself but also you will be saving on the money normally spent commuting to the tanning salon itself. First thing to look at would be is a domestic tanning bed as powerful as a commercial bed? Well a salon tanning bed is probably more powerful, but it will more often than not used about 20 times a day whilst a tanning bed at home would be used probably no more than twice daily. Plus, commercial tanning beds have a very high-tech lamp system in, nail salon hong kong but these days so do most of the ones designed for home use, and there is no great deal of difference in the results. I would say in the whole though commercial beds are probably a bit more hard wearing, but that really does not come in to what we are comparing here. The last question is will a home tan be as good as a salon tan? Well probably, but when weighing up whether to get a tanning bed for the home or using a salon, that is just part of the equation, because there are all the other things to take into considerationl. And finally cost, you will not need to spend thousands on a commercial bed, a domestic use tanning bed is just as good, nail salon hong kong and yes you may have to pay a little more for electricity and bulbs, but the electricity is minimal and the bulbs last a good length of time anyway. And when you start to compare those expenditures against the expenditure or commuting to and from a tanning salon and then paying fro the bed session itself, so for me home tanning is a winner every time. If you are considering buying a tanning bed for the home,then I recommend you visit There is some good info on buying a bed online here and if you read it before you spend any money as it could save you from making a costly mistake. Things like convenience i.e. you can tan when it suits you. I think that really is the biggest advantage to getting your own bed, especially as winter time comes and you do not feel like leaving the house much. Privacy, nail salon hong kong if you are the kind of person who wants an all over tan, then tanning at home is pretty much the only way you are going to be able to do this in the knowledge that you are not being spied on nail salon hong kong. It’s important that you get all of your questions answered and concerns addressed before you start tanning indoors. This is because it is a terrific experience and you want to maximize the pleasure and benefits of it by easing any concerns that you may have or thought of. You’ll want to speak with a professional at your chosen tanning salon for more details, but here are the answers to a number of frequently asked questions about indoor tanning and the safety thereof: If you follow proper tanning procedures and use the right tanning lotions and other products, indoor tanning should be at least as safe as outdoor tanning if not safer.