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To create a site-to-site tunneled connection, you can install a MCSE Certification as a gateway on each of two networks. A demand-dial connection is then configured between the two VPN servers. 4g LTE router See Also For more information about site-to-site VPNs, see the “Lesson 3: Designing Demand-Dial Routing Between Private Networks” topic later in this chapter. Redundancy is provided by establishing multiple VPN servers. If one VPN server fails, client sessions are disconnected. However, clients can connect again by using a different VPN server. 4g LTE router To reduce the necessity to configure multiple connectoids one for each VPN server, use Network Load Balancing. However, don’t confuse redundancy with load balancing. Load balancing can be provided via round-robin Domain Name System DNS or clustering. Network load balancing, 4g LTE routera Microsoft clustering technology that spreads requests for a single IP address among several Microsoft Windows servers, can also provide load balancing in addition to scalability and redundancy. 4g LTE router If a VPN server fails, client sessions will also fail and the user will be prompted to log on again. The user’s new session will be managed by one of the other VPN servers free Cisco practice exam questions n the cluster. 4g LTE router Figure 7-7 shows Microsoft network load balancing. Security is something that everyone has to stay up with nowadays with all the credit card fraud and identity fraud in the news. There are many things that you can do to help keep your computer and your self safe. Follow these 8 steps and you will be better protected against security threats. 4g LTE router There are alot of programs that run in the background of your computer and some of those programs open up ports that can allow a hacker into your computer. By shutting down these programs that are most of the time unnecessary we can eliminate the amount of ports we have open on a computer. This one is an absolute necessity for anyone who has a computer that is connected to the internet. An up to date anti virus anti malware program can be bought just about anywhere including online. One popular option is Symantec which has a full featured program to cover everything. Some other third party software also works well. Adware Bot and Spy No More Anti Spyware. As was mentioned in tip number 1 we have ports open on our computer that can possibly allow a hacker in. Windows firewall which comes free with windows can block these types of ports. You can also purchase a third party firewall program that will help block these ports. There are many third party companies that provide excellent firewall programs. Firewall Gold. The guest account for windows XP Professional is disabled by default but it is always a good idea to check and make sure. Windows workstations need to be constantly update in order to keep them secure. You can go to Windows Updates and get free Microsoft Windows updates. Backuping up data is not really a security item to keep your computer secure but more to keep you secure. Should your computer happen to be hacked or just crash if your data is backed up you will not lose your data. One of the most common ways computers get viruses and malware is from software downloaded off of the internet. Certain programs downloaded from unknown sources contain viruses embedded within the program.The best way to protect yourself against this is to not download software unless it is from a site that is totally trusted. As companies began using the Internet to sort, filter and gather data, it became apparent that there was a need to develop IP Internet Protocol addresses that would work within the confines of a private network. Usually, a router the computer device that transmits data packets between networks takes the data from the Internet and sends it over to a computer. However, utilizing the Network Address Translation NAT, the router is able to detect the packets emanating from the Internet and relay them to the proper element in the network.