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Nail files and nail buffers are the most elementary nail grooming instruments available today. nail salon central These instrumentsare used to give shape to the nails and top them off with a smooth surface. The nail file can be used to give any shape to the nail. nail salon central The most popular shapes are round and square. These shapes are great for everyday wear and give the nails a chic and elegant appearance. When filing nails to give them shape, it is important to remember to file only in one direction as not doing so will cause them to leave uneven edges and splits on the nail which can cause cracks in the long run. Nail creams are one of the best invented products for hands and feet nails. The nail creams not only help you strengthen your nail by giving them a protein and mineral boost but also protect your nails from getting over dry, chipped or cracked. nail salon central To attract more clients you should have their email-id. If you don抰 have not to worry as you are fortunate because twitter, face book friends can do this for you. You can run a discount offer for your friend on face book and twitter. They will bring their friends with them. If you satisfy them with their work then you get more clients. nail salon central With this software you can provide schemes and offers to your customers and they will come more frequently to you. The nail creams are also known to avoid ail splits and cure them. The best way to take care of and groom your nails is to get a regular manicure and pedicure. Not only will it help your nails but also your hands and feet; not to mention giving you an opportunity to relax and pamper yourself. The tools for such treatments are varied but a few basic must haves, if you plan to give this treatment to yourself are Nail polish wipes and removers, Nail brush, Cuticle cream, Cuticle cutter, cuticle stick, cuticle pusher and finally nail cutter and file. When looking for nail polish wipes, try and find lint free wipes as they will not leave any lint residue on your nails post the treatment, allowing you to apply smooth polish on your nails. Also, when choosing a cuticle stick or a cuticle pusher, it is wise to invest in a soft but firm rubber or soft wooden stick. Avoid using a metal cuticle stick as it is harder. There is huge variety of nail varnishes to choose from today. The color pallet is astounding as are the types of varnishes available. You can choose from mild to high frosted shades to high gloss colors and from extreme glitters and metallic’s to gothic shades. Today you can even find double shaded nail paints which change color when they come in contact with the UV Rays of the sun. The choices are unlimited! When choosing a nail polish remover, it is better to invest a few more dollars and go for a non-alcoholic remover as this will benefit your nails in the long run and prevent nail damage like dryness, breakage etc. National Master of the Craft award winner Robert Lucas Harty is Chicago’s foremost color expert and prominent for producing outstanding color results. nail salon central Robert excels in creating a classic look with a modern edge and emphasis on healthy hair as he focuses on your preferences and concerns. He will skillfully provide you with the look that is perfect for hair type and lifestyle….the look that you always wanted but didn’t know you could have. Tucked along a bustling portion of Clybourn, this storefront salon aims for subtle appeal with muted earth tones, cool violet highlights, and glowing sconce lighting. Men and women fill several styling chairs for top-notch haircuts and color treatments, or recline for one of several specialized facials. nail salon central Custom services include a premium makeup application session and deep hair conditioning. A well-edited retail section carries brands like dermalogica and Kerastase.