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Negative equity is a term used in the housing market, usually following a general fall in property prices, eyelash extensions hong kong to mean that the market value of a mortgaged house or flat is less than the amount outstanding on the loan used to purchase it. This can also occur with second-mortgage home-equity loans and some loans structured to loan more than the appraised value, such as 125% loans. This means that if the borrower subsequently defaults on the loan, repossession and sale of the property by the lender will not raise enough cash to repay the amount outstanding, eyelash extensions hong kong and the borrower will both have lost the property and may still be in debt, although a standard clause in most mortgages cancels the debt upon repossession. The term was widely used in the United Kingdom during the economic recession between 1991 and 1996, and in Hong Kong between 1998 and 2003, eyelash extensions hong kong which led to increased unemployment and a decline in property prices, which in turn led to an increase in repossessions by banks and building societies of properties worth less than the outstanding debt. The name Budweiser in America, advertised as the King of Beers, has been a mainstay in today’s culture. eyelash extensions hong kong Almost toted as a ‘rock’ in its industrial strength, but is it a stalworthy as claimed? The Budweiser saga began in 1876, when the E. eyelash extensions hong kong Anheuser Brewing Association of St. Louis, Missouri, introduced Budweiser Lager Beer. Founded in 1860 by Eberhard Anheuser, eyelash extensions hong kong the company was renamed the Anheuser-Busch Brewing Association in 1879, recognizing the contribution and leadership of then president Adolphus Busch. Meanwhile, in Czechoslovakia, trouble was brewing. It seems that when Eberhard Anheuser named his beer Budweiser, he was paying homage to the beer makers of a Czech town called Ceske Budejovice, known in Anheuser’s native Germany as “Budweis.” According to the folks in Budweis, their local beer has been known as Budweiser for several hundred years. In 1939, Anheuser-Busch and Budvar supposedly buried the trademark hatchet in the United States, giving AnheuserBusch the American rights to the name in exchange for Budvar’s ownership of the name Budweiser in much of Europe. But as Anheuser-Busch expanded into and began to dominate international markets, skirmishing flared again. In recent years plucky Budvar has again won the right to use the names Budweiser and Bud in the European Union countries, but court cases continue to rage from Sweden to Hong Kong. Budvar’s current tactic is to sell its beer in the United States as Czechvar, hoping that word of mouth about what they call (in a whisper, of course) “the real Budweiser” will win them the fame in U.S. bars that they have lost, at least for the moment, in the U.S. courts. I’m typically what people would call a jetsetter. There was once I had to transit from Dallas to LA for 3 hours before catching another international flight to Hong Kong (and back) in 2 days! Just for a crucial business meeting. Although I like the duty travel, trust me, flying for 20 hours straight can really be quite draining. Especially if you usually take the economy class. The long hours. And not to mention the never-ending hissing of the aircraft engines. It just wears you out sometimes. Noise cancelling headphones are simply audio phones that use technology to reduce ambient noise through the use of active noise control. Mikes in the noise canceling headphones emits acoustic wave to combat noise whenever they detect its presence. In my viewpoint, the headphones is a definitely lifesaver! Not only wasI able to enjoy a more comforting travelling experience, I get to listen to my lovely music without fighting with the noise from the engines. This is actually a very major concern, as I tend to combat the noise by bringing up the music’s volume. I wasn’t sure what was the repercussions of that on my hearing but since getting the noise cancelling headphones, my inclination to increase the volume had been greatly reduced.