When choosing a cupola (or two) to enhance the exterior roof line of your home, be prepared for a bit of forethought when it comes to style and functionality. But the most important element to consider, Dun-slope by far, is how to select the right size cupola for the length and pitch of your roof. Accurate measurement is essential and will save time and money when purchasing a cupola, Dun-slope as well as determine whether more than one cupola will create the proper visual appeal. Dun-slope To ensure that the cupola(s) you select are the proper size in correlation to the slope of your roof, the pitch (vertical rise over 12-inch horizontal distance) should be precisely measured. There is no need for concern about having to scale the shingles to obtain this vital piece of data. While you will need a ladder, Dun-slope pencil and a framing square to secure and record this measurement, this can be safely and easily accomplished at the edge of your roof. One cupola perched above your home can serve as a dramatic focal point and will set your house apart from others in your neighborhood. But based upon the length of your roof, Dun-slope installing more than one cupola will create a sense of symmetry and balance to the exterior roof line of your home. Just be sure not to over-do it. Dun-slope Multilevel decks can be designed to provide the ultimate in flexibility especially when they are built on sites that have a slope to them. A series of different levels that step down from the home can easily follow the contour of the yard and create an aesthetically pleasing design. Multilevel decks should also be considered for yards that do not have a slope. A hot tub or spa can be easily incorporated into one of the levels of a multilevel deck along with additional built-in seating areas or sunning platforms. The combination will encourage interaction between individuals in and out of the water. A wide set of steps can provide a dramatic transition from one level to the next. These steps can also be utilized to provide additional informal seating during large and small gatherings. Container plants and other decorative objects can be placed on the ourside edges of the steps to add interest to the design. Creating a multilevel deck off a back porch is a unique way of making the porch appear to be another level in the multilevel deck design. This works extremely well when similar materials, container plants and decorative objects are used on both the porch and the deck. Something as simple as adding another level can dramatically change the monotony of a rectangular deck. Several rectangular decks of the same or varying sizes can be constructed to cascade down a slope and create an exciting deck design. It is advisable when making connections between levels to use extra wide steps to achieve a feeling of openness. It is also wise to use narrow stairs with railings or built-ins on the higher level to achieve a cozier ambiance. Homeowners generally make the choice for constructing raised decks because of quality of the views from such an upper level. In some cases the slope of the yard makes any other type of deck an impossibility. Individuals who own homes with walkout basements generally find that a raised deck is the only practical choice to gaining access to the deck from a main living area such as a kitchen or family room. If the raised deck is high enough and there is a walkout from the basement, keep the underside open and turn it into a patio. Perhaps furnish it with with a small table and chairs. Place colorful container plant clusters along the area’s perimeter points. Suspend a hammock between 2 of the upper deck support posts to create a place for a quiet nap.