They are not only expensive but also take a longer while to install since they are custom-built to suit the staircase, especially if you have a staircase with several twists and curves. Dun-slope With this stair lift, he or she can push himself or herself straight on to the stair lift platform. Dun-slope Since one’s safety on this wheelchair is of utmost importance, it is vital to take the advice of an occupational therapist. Their seats could be made with rotating seats, armrests with cushion protection, brakes, etc. Dun-slope These stair lifts can also be folded away and stored when not in use, making it space-saving. Dun-slope These stair lifts usually weigh not more than 180 kg. The word apostasy is derived from the Greek word apostasis which literally means “desertion.” In the last few years of time as we know it the Bible clearly promises there will be a falling away or apostasy in the church and in long held theological principles. Dun-slope On January 5, 2008 a CBN newswomen Kristi Watts interviewing mega pastor Joel Osteen posed the question “What about the s-word, the d-word and the h-word.” Osteen acknowledged that he understood that the interviewer was referring to the words sin, Dun-slope devil and hell. The first question might be “who commissioned him to re-write the bible.” A second more important question might be “what did Christ die for?” Up to now we thought he died for the sins of the world. The third question is derived from the bibles own answer to the second question and is inevitable. What’s the point of the rest of the bible if that’s not true, or important? Osteen is far from the first person to remove the parts of the bible he didn’t like. Thomas Jefferson used a jackknife to cut out all references to hell and eternal punishment from the bible. Jefferson was a “deist” and that is a common belief among all deists. One major difference between Jefferson and Osteen is that Jefferson never called himself a pastor. Many of the sermons Osteen preaches are on how to deal with critics. It seems that 44,000 weekly participants in his church services and 7 million viewers of the weekly televised broadcasts are getting some flak along with him. In a success worshipping, big is better society in this country not even that kind of success can curb the doubt of many people who have only to read their bibles to see that Osteen is leaving out a big part of the story; many would say the very heart of the story. Leaders like Tristan Emmanuel an ordained Presbyterian pastor, speaker and activist who prepares Christians for leadership and service in the public square warn that America is on the same slippery slope as Canada. It may not be long before American ministers will have to answer for saying what the bible says about gays, same gender marriages, pre-marital relations and other currently not politically correct long held beliefs derived from the bible. Cardinal Archbishop Antonio Canizares of Toledo lambasted the socialist government and said that “Spain’s family is threatened by unjust and evil laws.” The ruling socialist party of Spain snuffed its nose at the Pope, Cardinal Canizares and the demonstrators with a statement that read “we won’t take a single step back” The new more tolerant government of Spain will not tolerate over a thousand years of traditional and biblically derived beliefs about marriage and the family. Apostasy is inevitable and it is the byproduct of a world that is being turned upside down and where previously held values are scoffed at sometimes just because a minority might be slightly offended. Many of the charges brought against Canadian ministers were lodged not because someone was physically accosted, libeled or maligned but only because they were “hurt.” Many are left wondering who may be “hurt” next. Perhaps convicted murders, rapists, pedophiles and burglars are hurt because we have put them in jail.