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Nail polish must be applied in two layers. At this time, the color protection is the highest. When applying, you can apply the middle first and then apply the nails on both sides. nail salon hong kong Apply a layer of dry and then apply a layer, and finally apply a transparent nail polish as a protection. If it is a solid color nail polish, it is recommended to use light-colored or nude-colored nail polish. It should not be sharp compared with the skin. This will not highlight the shape of your nails, and it will naturally stretch your fingers visually. nail salon hong kong The nails of the Tibi show also use light tones, the ivory white color can brighten the skin of the hand, and the dotted line in the middle can stretch the proportion of the fingers. This simple manicure can bring a fresh and elegant feeling. Of course, the vertical stripes of the nail art have the same effect, you can draw from the striped shirt to create this nail art inspiration, just choose the color when the fresh or the metal is strong, so that it will not give people an alternative feel. The new season of Fashion East is very experimental, some of which are full of Baroque style. In order to match this luxurious theme, in the nail art, the stylist uses a mix of white and gold to complement the overall shape. nail salon hong kong White nail polish is used as the base, and then gold is applied to the middle of the nail, leaving a uniform width of the base color before and after, forming a symmetrical white crescent. Gold can focus the focus on the nails, while white on both ends lengthens the length of the nails, causing the fingers to grow longer. At the same time, the combination of gold and white colors can brighten the skin and make the hands look whiter. On the same day, the 11-year-old Li Wei was wearing a plaid jacket with black slacks. The skin was fair and delicate, and the long-haired shawl girl was full of fan. Although Li Wei was sitting on the sofa, he could still see that the body was slender and slender and completely inherited the good genes of his mother. nail salon hong kong but a closer look at the barbed skin around the nails affects the overall beauty. Nail polish becomes mottled without the texture of the culprit is them. In general, you must develop the habit of rubbing nail edge oil and hand cream to reduce the dry skin. Alberta Ferretti’s show this season is full of fairy tales, so the overall shape is highlighted by the natural beauty of women. On the manicure, the stylist simply applies the nude nail polish that is close to the model’s complexion to the entire nail and then does not have much modification. This color of nail polish close to the skin color can naturally lengthen the length of the finger. nail salon hong kong This solid color of color also began to gradually replace the fancy and cumbersome nails in this season. So I want to use this type of nail to visually stretch my fingers and try to choose a nude color that is close to my skin color. In this season, nail salon hong kong Erin Fetherston brought a simple and elegant plant print, which ignited a fresh celebrity style in the 1960s. Therefore, in the nail art, the stylist uses white paint such as white paint as the main color of the nail to match the clothing of this season. It is ingenious to draw a silver thread in the quarter of the nail. This is like a Chu The line of the River Hanjie can increase the proportion of nails. The lesser part is like the “new” nails, making the fingers look slimmer. If your fingers are short and thick, and your nails are not long, choose a round-shaped a-type that can be used to make your fingers slim. But you have to raise your nails first. If you have a pointed shape, the nails are too short to be repaired.