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In the city’s second-class passenger stations, railways, civil aviation and other public transportation waiting areas, special areas or special seats for elderly passengers will be set up to provide services for elderly people in need, such as unaccompanied and inconvenient. lightest wheelchair ramp According to Luo Hongge, the station manager of the public toilet station of the Chengkou District Urban Management Bureau, the barrier-free facilities for the disabled of the six public toilets, such as Shuangchangxiang and Yantie, were completed according to this specification. lightest wheelchair ramp The added barrier-free facilities have fully considered the humanized needs of disabled people, including low-angle, non-smooth wheelchair ramps; 1.1m x 0.8m wheelchair space in front of the washbasin; Safety grab bars with a width of 0.6 to 0.7 meters and a height of 1.2 meters. In the future, the disabled assisted car can be driven along the ramp to the toilet door, and the wall has grab bars when the toilet is in use. Another driver, Qin Fen, lightest wheelchair ramp used to drive a traditional power bus. He said that all the lines of the Haage Bus in the park are free of charge, mostly ring roads, about 15 minutes in a circle. Qin Fen told reporters: “The car started with pure electric start, the sound is light, and the body is very stable, unlike the traditional car, it shakes a lot when starting. The introduction of the reporters by the Hagrid bus personnel confirmed Zhu Ze’s feelings. lightest wheelchair ramp These vehicles adopt the aluminum alloy air duct standard for export passenger cars. The width of the car is 2.55 meters and the height is 3.3 meters. The net height of the inner aisle is more than 2.2 meters and 32 seats are provided. Yu Bin, a Haiger tourist bus driver, is responsible for the route from the subway station to the Toy Story Hotel. He said: “The car I used to drive was a manual gear. I feel that there are many places in the computer control of this car, and it is very fast. According to reports, after each sale of Hagrid New Energy Bus, engineers will be sent to provide all-weather protection and driver training. lightest wheelchair ramp The engineer also needs to guide local service station personnel until they fully master the maintenance technology of the new energy bus. The biggest feature of this group of Hagrid sightseeing buses is that the whole vehicle adopts plug-in ISG hybrid system, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. “Compared with the same 12-meter diesel passenger car energy-saving 40%.” Wu Li furnace told reporters. These values, Hagrid have been set up according to the customer’s working conditions before leaving the factory.” Wu Lihu said, “The vehicle will automatically switch the operating mode without the driver’s operation.” In addition, this group of Hager sightseeing buses It also has a brake recovery function, that is, when braking, the kinetic energy of the whole vehicle is recovered by the generator and then converted into electric energy and stored in the battery, further promoting energy conservation and environmental protection. lightest wheelchair ramp According to reports, barrier-free facilities refer to the service facilities built to ensure the safe, convenient and convenient access and use of persons with disabilities, the elderly, children and other people with reduced mobility. Accessibility features include wheelchair ramps, barrier-free entrances, accessible toilet seats, Braille stop signs, voice and caption reminder systems. According to reports, since 2001, Wuhan Municipal Construction has begun planning blind roads. At present, there are more than 300 kilometers of blind roads in Wuhan. Implement the preferential policies for urban public transport for the elderly, and optimize the procedures for handling the “care card” and “sunset red card”. Encourage roads, railways, civil aviation, etc. to provide elderly people with services such as barrier-free compartments, seats, toilets, and wheelchairs. When the elderly buy tickets on the speed train, they can purchase the wheelchair-accessible seats in advance. Appropriate subsidies are granted by the government in accordance with the relevant regulations.