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In the residential market, due to the adjustment of land prices and house prices in Tokyo for more than 10 years, it has basically fallen back to a reasonable level. In addition, japan property agency With the recovery of the Japanese economy, the increasing number of newly established enterprises and the expansion of the existing business, the demand for commercial buildings in large cities such as Tokyo has increased substantially, In order to prevent the real estate “bubble” from recurring, the Central Bank of Japan decided to strengthen inspection, supervision and management of the real estate industry, and has issued notices to all financial institutions such as commercial banks, japan property agency local banks and credit treasury, requesting that these financial institutions start in January this year. It is necessary to report to the relevant departments such as the Central Bank Financial Institutions Bureau on the amount and growth rate of loans to real estate companies and the financial status, collateral, and income forecast of the loan companies, and the value of the secured assets of the loan enterprises. The loan interest rate and financial status are reassessed. If any irregularities are found, the financial institutions will be ordered to take measures to reduce the loan and raise interest rates to adjust the flow of funds, prevent the real estate “bubble” from being in the forefront, and ensure the Japanese financial system. Stable. Occurs before the financial crisis, Japan’s lifelong employment system and the seniority sequence wage payment system gradually is also having the change, japan property the agency omni-directional tube.After financial economic crisis eruption, because the enterprise achievement worsening staff’s bonus appears the large reduction, japan property agency the Tokyo building person concerned indicated, the company will devote at present to the service experience accumulation and the market characteristic assurance.Has in the multitudinous foreigner inhabitant’s real estate market in Shanghai this, but the Tokyo building architectural design style will favor the floor not high, japan property agency the timber wood is fastidious and has the European and American style.After the American loan crisis occurs, various bank makes loans the manner to be more and more prudent, therefore the developer and the investment company also greatly sells at a discount to the real estate investment wish.Once the long-term murky Japan real estate market has attracted the multitudinous overseas home-buyer.As early as in last year, japan property the agency whole world biggest scale sovereignty wealth fund Norway Government superannuation fund expression in the Japanese development real estate investment, will purchase the office in Tokyo, the investment cost amounts to several 100,000,000,000 Japanese Yen hopefully.Japanese Government’s these measures all attempt to arouse the national to purchase the housing the enthusiasm, the activation real estate market, finally achieved in the expansion must the fuel economic growth the goal. japan property agency The inhabitant available this fund returns the surplus loan, if the housing market price is insufficient to counterbalance the loan remaining sum the speech financial organ to be possible to give up the remainder the creditor’s rights, japan property the agency financial organ therefore the giving up creditor’s rights have the loss speech, increases the capital by the country with the public fund for it to prevent appears pities the loan the question.japan property the agency capital circle and the Guanxi circle autumn sale condition can differ from.Because the capital circle has very many large-scale specialized developers to carry on the development, the house supplies big increase, has led the entire real estate market.But the Guanxi circle completely has not gotten rid of the murky condition actually.Because the real estate market is day by day active, the new going on the market house type are more and more many.The consumer according to the need, the choice scope is more and more broad.japan property agency both has uses each quakeproof material the upscale housing, and has uses the ordinary material the low-grade housing.Now, Tokyo’s real estate price still was in with the actual demand balance background standard.Specially speaking of the overseas bond investor, just when a Japanese Yen depreciation, during 1 year which starts from the present is precisely the investment the timeliness.