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Garena also announced today that the “Million Summoner, Light Up 101” series of activities, including the opportunity to go to Taipei 101 with friends to enjoy the top two dinners, during the lighting period, uploading works before the end of January, taipei hotel near mrt have the opportunity to take a monocular camera, When a player asks if he can play with some specific people, Tom Cadwell said that if the behavior of the player is better, the number of players listed on the list will be less. It is to use the blacklist system to filter problematic players. They have not thought about the enhanced blacklist system in the past, but feel that with the increasing number of players in League of Legends, players will repeatedly encounter the same player. The opportunity is not so big, so the R&D team decided to focus on the research and development of strengthening and screening user behavior. taipei hotel near mrt If there is a problematic player, I hope that the player will report it. Tom Cadwell said that in general, some of them will be responsible for listening to the opinions of the players on the forum, seeing which heroes are lacking, collecting good ideas, suggestions, and organizing opinions to the R&D team. taipei hotel near mrt if you find the correct, in line with the design of their main axis, will adopt and make a good hero; Garena added that the Taiwan Theater will also launch a hero design competition for a period of one month, which will collect people’s contributions. The inspiration was given to Riot for reference. If there is a funny and Rito-inspired design, there may be a hero with Taiwanese characteristics. Therefore, Taiwanese players are welcome to contribute more. As for being asked if there is a list of heroes who feel overrated or undervalued, he replied that they have not mentioned such a list at present, although according to past experience, some heroes are too strong because of other factors. taipei hotel near mrt However, if they do not affect the game experience, they may not be able to deal directly with the hero, and perhaps list such a list in the future. Some players mentioned Riot’s thoughts on the heroes who walked, and Tom Cadwell replied that the heroes are not yet clearly positioned and a bit like orphans. They would like to make these heroes more fun, find new positions, taipei hotel near mrt and improve the current methods. Still can’t explain, but they will continue to improve. Some players mentioned that Riot has been a new hero and will stop adding heroes. Tom Cadwell said that in fact, they continue to be new heroes, and the quality is getting better and better. If the hero reaches a certain number and feels too much, They already have corresponding plans, and so far, they have not reached this level, players can continue to enjoy the game. When asked about the “League of Legends” plot, the story structure is very distinctive, whether it is considered to develop online role-playing games, Tom Cadwell said that the company is now fully focused on the development of “League of Legends”, taipei hotel near mrt there is no plan to develop MMORPG painting. In response to the user’s watch mode, Garena said that they have already approached this model with Riot and will definitely be online in Taiwan, but the timeline for the launch is undecided,  but they will try not to lag behind the US version too much time. Free limited time to receive war goddess and other activities, on January 30, Garena will also reveal the exclusive red envelope for players. Detailed activity details can be found on the official website. In response to the issue of “League of Legends” and how the system averages the strength of the two teams, Tom Cadwell said that the system and the system should enable players to compete very quickly, and on the other hand hope to make the two teams of comparable strength Together, and both teams must think that they have a chance of winning.