pushbutton switch專業LED燈按鈕開關

With the advancement of automotive technology, many pushbutton switch buttons in the previous car have now been replaced by feature-rich central control large screens. Different models are similar, most of the cars will have obvious signs, pushbutton switch and some snake sperm designers hide it, can not find for a long time, very hateful! This button is usually located at the center console below the left side of the steering wheel, under the main driver’s seat or at the main driver’s door panel. However, there are still some important functions that need to be operated by physical buttons. Pushbutton switches are usually designed in some unknown places. pushbutton switch The reason why there is this close button is that the manufacturer considers that the co-pilot is no one, and it is set up after the impact bounce is expensive. Generally speaking, don’t turn it off. If the pushbutton switch is turned off accidentally, the airbag will not open. This kind of protection is less when the accident occurs. It is quite dangerous and can be killed at any time! When the window and the door are not open, the pushbutton switch trunk is an escape route. First, pull down the single backrest of the rear seat, then drill into the trunk to find the lock cylinder cover of the tail box. Use a hard object such as a key to push the pushbutton switch clockwise to move the white lock cylinder. The tail cover will automatically Bounce off. These designs are mechanical devices that can be opened even when the car is dead. This button comes in handy, you can move it by pressing the gear.