taipei luxury hotel寬敞方正的格局

Life is more than just the taipei luxury hotel, but also the poetry of the heart and the heart of the distant heart. Don’t forget to let the busy life of life trap you in the distance. The pace is often to make a better start today. The super-valued homestay with a super sense of design brings together their charms. The strange houses are located in the beautiful countryside. The taipei luxury hotel is not suitable for post-use and operation requirements due to the size and function of the original building. The newly built floor-to-square building and supporting courtyard landscape will be designed on the original plot. There is not much enhanced design language on the whole building plan. The most rewarding from the building to the interior is when you see the building. Plants and light are both external and internal. The site of the Pusu·Qiyu Haiju Project consists of two separate buildings and a hardened courtyard. The total area is about square. The project is located in a design-oriented hotel. The taipei luxury hotel is dominated by naturalistic style and preserves the surrounding plants. The courtyard is located in the southwest of the building. The building faces the sea in the northeast. There is a gap between the two buildings. The space is inverted. When the wind blows through the building, the whole building seems to be drifting with the waves. The night view of Qiandao Lake and Xuanshan Xuanshan was originally an old Huizhou-style emblem building. The taipei luxury hotel was repaired and remodeled by the original appearance of the old house, so the original and natural design is here. The main melody. The architectural texture of the clear concrete, the modern lines, and the design of the model are like the visual sense of the magical coffee shop. Although it is a modern design language, it has a natural affinity with the village and the mountains, the blue sky and the bamboo sea, the white walls and black tiles, the taipei luxury hotel makes people feel the faint and touch the temperature of the mountain village. The Yunxi Upper Tongludian Yunxi site is located at the highest point of the elevation meter in the Tonglu Changqiu Field. It is necessary to have a relaxed home and a hotel specification that has been advocated on Yunxi. White walls and black tiles and floor-to-ceiling windows bring the best of the sky to the sky. All the rooms on the Tonglu Yunxi have separate terraces, which can be seen directly in the valley. In the Yunshan Mountain Residence, in addition to the “over the cloud”, the rest have been subverted. On the white body building, the through window is used to store the mountains and the sea of ​​clouds, and the sea of ​​clouds directly encounters the sea breeze of the Aegean Sea, so that the two romantic collisions Superimposed. The taipei luxury hotel can find the fun of returning to the countryside from the valley, the bamboo forest and the sea of ​​clouds, in addition to the more than a dozen ridge terraces that are directly regulated by the Yunshan Mountain. You can also find the inspiration for the holiday from the aggregate of the rich public areas. .