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Which girl doesn’t want a pair of eye-catching eyes? However, in reality, most people’s eyes are not big enough, or the eyes are not good-looking, or the eyes are not good-looking. The perfect eye gap between the sisters and the papers is really not small. Apply a proper amount of dirty orange eyeshadow to the triangle of the lower eyelid and the end of the eye. Apply orange lipstick to your lips to make your overall look more vibrant. Such eyes, do you say that beauty is not beautiful? A delicate brown inner eyeliner can make the eyes more radiant, and the slight extension of the eye can improve the shape eyelash extensions hong kong of the eye. Of course, to make your eyes more magnified, you have to use mascara. Use the earthy color eyeshadow of the orange to smear on the upper eyelid folds and slightly smudge outward. The shared dressing room is about 2 square meters, the interior is relatively clean and tidy, and equipped with mirrors, chairs, trash cans eyelash extensions hong kong and cameras. Cosmetics such as make-up remover, liquid foundation, mascara and lipstick are placed on the dressing table. Toiletries such as makeup brushes, cotton swabs, and cotton pads that are in direct contact with the skin are contained in disposable single-package bags. Most of the cosmetics are insufficient, and the consumption is more obvious, but no one is a trace of malicious damage. I won’t choose to use a shared eyelash extensions hong kong dressing room. The reporter learned by calling the customer service phone of the shared dressing room that the dressing room is arranged to be cleaned up by the staff every day to ensure that it is neat and tidy, and the replenishment is on eyelash extensions hong kong average once a week, and the cosmetics are genuine. The transparent glass cover of the makeup room becomes a matte surface to protect user privacy. In order to ensure the health and safety of consumers, the shared dressing room will all use disposable cosmetics in the future. The scenic area of ​​the central street map source microblog is equivalent to Shanghai Nanjing Road, Beijing Wangfujing. It is the most prosperous eyelash extensions hong kong commercial street in Harbin, with more than a hundred years of European architecture and a unique northern flavor. A large ice sculpture castle and an ice slide that can be seen everywhere are the places to sprinkle. In the evening, when the eyelash extensions hong kong colorful lights are open, such as the fairy tale world of ice lamps, it is very romantic. The park is very large, and it can’t be completed in two or three hours. The lights in the park will only light after 16:30. The various artistic sculptures made with snow, against the backdrop of the blue sky, are a landscape that is amazing and infected by its purity. Today, the time has long been gone, but to Harbin, it is still necessary to take a look at the St. Sophia Cathedral. There are many pigeons outside the source to attract people to feed.