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For example, when I was traveling to Morocco, the local hardware facilities in Morocco were very poor lightest wheelchair ramp. In order to fulfill my dream of desert travel, the local staff carried some mobile equipment for me, such as a mobile toilet lightest wheelchair ramp. There is also a mobile bath chair that is placed in the trunk of my car so I can complete a desert trip lightest wheelchair ramp. When I was studying in the United States, when I first went out to play with the school, they didn’t book a barrier-free vehicle, and they didn’t book a barrier-free hotel, but they still asked me if you want to go out with us lightest wheelchair ramp. If you still remember the image of a wheelchair in Amazon that you just showed, you will find that when the foreign tourist is in China, he is actually using one of the easiest ways to transform his wheelchair so that he can enjoy China lightest wheelchair ramp. Travel Resources lightest wheelchair ramp. As a very popular tourist destination, China has a very rich tourism resources. Many foreigners also think of Chinese tourism. However, we are faced with many problems, or when we are discussing barrier-free, We have been emphasizing these issues. For example, in the China Special Traveler Survey we just mentioned, we found that the most problem encountered by Chinese travelers is that the destination has no barrier-free facilities, no accessibility information, no hotel, no search. To the service, and the attitude of the service staff is not good. What should I do in the face of such a problem? Or, accessibility is just a product that a disabled person needs to use. Why do we design the product to be accessible? One of the first things I want to correct is that accessibility is not just for people with disabilities. The first thing that benefits from accessibility is the elderly, because our society is getting older. Like the one shown in this picture In this way, our population is getting older, we will gradually face the same dysfunction as people with disabilities, and get a similar experience, so in the end we all need accessibility. We will return to this picture again. Maybe after I have explained the barrier-free travel, you will have a new understanding of this picture. No one has given an answer for a long time. So after living abroad for many years, I have a better understanding of diversity. I think that diversification is like taking a part of people. We can say that it treats most people as default options. Others regard it as an additional option. It emphasizes a representativeness and must be certain in quantity. Quota. However, integration emphasizes the quality of individual experience, emphasizing that in acknowledging where we have similarities, we can try to understand and appreciate different identities and differences. Integration is more important than diversification, because each of us Not the same. This is actually a hotel designed for the disabled in the Belgian region. You can see the details on it. They put the towel on the first floor and it is convenient to use. But when the owner of the hotel industry put the map on the Internet, it immediately became a net red room and became a travel product that everyone wanted. Indeed, is there anything you can use, and I can use it?