lightest wheelchair ramp醫療輔助器材是老年人的好幫手

This wheelchair was made by the students of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Xidian University under the guidance of professors and doctoral students lightest wheelchair ramp. It was built in three years and combined with Zhang for personal needs lightest wheelchair ramp. In addition to overcoming the technical difficulties, the subtle parts of the wheelchair that cannot be illustrated by the drawings are made by the students themselves lightest wheelchair ramp. Although there were many difficulties in the production process, the students felt “very happy” when they saw that their knowledge and efforts could help the patients with gradual freezing lightest wheelchair ramp. Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Ph lightest wheelchair ramp.D lightest wheelchair ramp. (right) and demonstration of intelligent wheelchairs.  took the eye to control the wheelchair. Freezing the patients to achieve free action On April 19, the reporter saw a smart wheelchair made by students at Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology. From the appearance, this wheelchair, which can help the patients with gradual freezing disease to move freely, is composed of a host computer, a motion controller, a sensor, a screen, and a wheelchair body. The person with gradual freezing is sitting on it, and can control the direction of the wheelchair in the direction of the screen through the eyeball. In other words, when the patient looks forward, the wheelchair will walk forward. Gong introduction, this intelligent wheelchair can realize the function of analyzing the intention of the patient’s eyeball by means of computer vision technology and artificial intelligence. In terms of safety, when the patient’s eyes are erratic, the wheelchair can be forcibly stopped to ensure safety. At the same time, the wheelchair also combines smart home functions to control the lighting, air conditioning, television and other household equipment. At present, Zhang has been using smart wheelchairs for more than a month. The wheelchairs have increased the countertops according to Zhang’s actual situation, added seat belts, and added folding functions. “Zhang Wei likes music, we also specially installed music players for wheelchairs. “The power said. With this wheelchair, Zhang has gradually realized self-care in daily life, and no longer has to live with her mother. Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Ph.D. (left) and working in the laboratory.  Photographed in the development of intelligent wheelchairs. Students realize the use of this intelligent wheelchair, and it will be traced back to 2017. At that time, a Zhejiang businessman found Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, hoping to customize a smart wheelchair to support patients with gradual freezing. After listening to the work, I felt that this was a good thing. He often helped the teacher to guide his schoolmates and decided to lead everyone to do this. He said: “There are many technical barriers that need to be broken. Students can learn a lot of technical points when they go to work, and they can also solve the actual needs and help patients with gradual freezing.” Among the 17 graduate students who just entered the school, soon A project team was formed. The team used the first two months of the summer vacation to make the first generation of smart wheelchairs, but this is only a prototype and can not meet the needs of use. After a year of technical accumulation, in the summer of 2018, a new team was born in 18 graduate students, completing the development and production of the second generation of intelligent wheelchairs.