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Many young ladies like to dye long nails. This type of nails will usually look heavier than normal ones (ordinary nails). Although this style of nail art is very romantic in terms of visual experience, you will find out over time. The fingers will be very tired. This manicure is the common style nail art mentioned by Meijie. It is completely dyed with its own fingernails. This style of nail art is very strong, and it will not fall. It is suitable for beauty sisters. “Lazy cancer” patients! Compared with the above nails, the main highlight of this manicure is the “sparkler” gradual treatment on the thumb, middle finger and ring finger, supplemented by the green and pale pink of the index finger and the little finger, which does not seem so traditional. LOOK2: Creative nail art. Creative manicure is also a manicure that accounts for a large proportion of nail art. The main highlight of this manicure is that it is very creative and looks new! Among the many creative nails, five fingers have been dyed in different styles of cartoons. It is a very pertinent way. This manicure not only adds a yellow chicken pattern, but also adds an egg pattern. It is very cute. It. In general, the creative style of nail art is to be cartoonized with “small animals” or “small scenes”. The main highlight of this nail is the cartoonized pattern of whales. There are no other highlights. This beautiful sister is mainly designed with the “striped geometry” pattern nail salon  hong kong. It is worth noting that in terms of color, this manicure uses two colors, the left index finger and the right hand little finger, the cool color of the thumb, and the warmth of the other fingers nail salon  hong kong. Tones, it looks like there is no noise. Applying a very irritating purple to the manicure is not very special, but the purple of this manicure looks thicker, and it also adds a cartoon of the snowman, which is still very visually impactful. The main highlight of this manicure is the processing of gradient colors, and the ten fingers of both hands are the gradient color style of “green and blue”, which is very suitable for mature lady sisters to dye. The “solid color + diamond” manicure is very common, and especially on the roadside stalls, this manicure can be seen everywhere, so the US sister does not recommend that the lady sister to dye this style of nail art, will give people a cheap feel nail salon  hong kong. LOOK3: Vibrant nail art. The main feature of the vitality nail is that the color is very vivid and very beautiful. The main colors used are: red, pink, yellow, nail salon  hong kong  blue and so on. This manicure is more suitable for summer dyeing, because the main color is red, and it is very bright red. If the red is dyed in other seasons except summer, it will be out of place. The colorful manicure looks like a strong visual impact for the first time, but after a long time, we will find that this style of nail art will be very messy, and nail salon  hong kong there will be a weak sense of disgust. The main color of this manicure is dark blue, and it is designed with the sky as the background theme. The white tip of the nail is designed with a rainbow-shaped semicircle pattern at the root of the nail. It is very warm nail salon  hong kong.