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Many people nail salon hong kong began to like to buy some wild vegetables to go home when spring comes nail salon hong kong. Whether it is cold or vegetarian, it is very delicious to eat. It can also prevent inflammation and stop bleeding, beauty and beauty. In March, buy a toon. Going home and frying eggs is really simple and delicious nail salon hong kong. There is also amaranth, saying “March 3, the leek is a panacea”, there are many wild vegetables, haunted in the spring. This dish is a treasure, and it is a pity that 5 pounds in the city are rushing to buy. Today, we introduce sweet potato leaves. What we are familiar with is its roots. It is often used for cooking or making desserts nail salon hong kong. Foods such as soups are the favorite ingredients of many people. Basic households will plant some red glutinous rice. However, many people only dig up the red scorpion block, but the red vine is not left in the ground, let it rot in the ground and make fertilizer.In fact, this is very wasteful. Each hundred grams of fresh sweet potato leaves contain 2.28 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 4.1 grams of sugar, 16 mg of mineral potassium, 2.3 mg of iron, 34 mg of phosphorus, 6.42 mg of carotene, and 0.32 mg of vitamin C. Its carotene content is even higher than that of carrots. Regular consumption of sweet potato leaves has the effect of preventing constipation, protecting eyesight, and maintaining skin delicateness and delaying aging. And its cellulose content is also very high, so our friends who love beauty, want to slim out a small waist, friends can also eat regularly! Now after the 80s and 90s, there may be more or less the experience of watching the TV and licking the chicken feet before and after dinner. The small mouth and the inside of the meat must be wrapped around the teeth and the tip of the tongue. , rub your fingers, then dry the next one, a plate of chicken feet, squat for an hour, no two or two meat, fattening nail salon hong kong? Not afraid! So, before sharing the recipe, Xiaoguo wants to share with you a few tips for choosing chicken feet and handling chicken feet. How to deal with the selected chicken feet? First cut the nails in front of the chicken feet with a knife. Don’t remember to flip the chicken’s claws three times nail salon hong kong. Many people like to lick chicken feet, a plate of chicken feet, a play, chicken in the claws and rich in collagen, not only can soften the blood vessels, but also the beauty effect, oh, a large plate of chicken feet, blowing Let’s greet this summer with cool air conditioning!