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Low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, physical exercise, back pain, rheumatism, bone hyperplasia, leg pain, hepatitis B, liver disease, liver, hangover, stomach, stomach pain, constipation nail salon hong kong, bone hyperplasia, cervical spondylosis, kidney deficiency, weight loss, Suspension, insomnia, high blood pressure, cold, diarrhea, pharyngitis, kidney medicine, male, prostatitis, gynecology, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, menstrual maintenance, breast hyperplasia, breast cancer, confinement, breast enhancement, beauty, stovepipe, hands and feet , cough, acne, cerebral hemorrhage nail salon hong kong, thrombosis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, acne, white hair, hair loss, snoring, skin disease, acid and alkali food, moisture, gallstones, gout, toothache, mouth ulcers, rhinitis, Myopia, body odor, secret recipes…more! Let’s think about it nail salon hong kong, from hot water, salt, vinegar, wine, onion, ginger, garlic, to black beans, sesame, mulberry, these are spices and food, but can be used by Chinese medicine to cure diseases nail salon hong kong. Today, our protagonist is even more unusual. Although it is also a must-have spice in the kitchen, the effect of curing and nourishing health is not the general anti-aging of pepper, anti-aging nail salon hong kong, anti-white hair pepper, mild taste, and belongs to the cold medicine. It can remove the cold of the internal organs. Zanthoxylum bungeanum has moderate pain, detoxification and qi, cold and warm stomach, promoting blood circulation and collaterals, preventing colds, enhancing immunity and other functions.It has therapeutic effects on the treatment of spleen and stomach diseases nail salon hong kong, rheumatism, headache, influenza, insomnia, brain trauma, stroke and other diseases. Even elderly people with high blood pressure can use pepper to soak their feet. Chinese medicine pays attention to “treatment under the disease” and “external disease treatment”. Soaking or massaging these reflex zones with the medicine soup can promote the blood to go from top to bottom, so that the whole body meridian dredges and the blood flow is smooth, so the blood pressure is easy to stabilize. Using pepper to soak your feet, you can not only treat white hair, but also make your sleep better. In fact, the method is very simple: pack 50 grams of pepper with a cotton cloth and fasten with a rope. After boiling water, soak your feet in water. After about 20 minutes, wash your feet with warm water. The pepper bag can be used repeatedly, soaking a foot before going to bed every night, with red skin on both feet and slight sweat on the face, it can be replaced with a week or so. Persistence every day is conducive to the improvement of blood circulation in the foot, which can play the role of plague and prolonging. According to the “Health Times”, a woman had suffered from hemorrhoids, pain was unbearable, and she did not want to have surgery. Later, she went to a hospital for treatment. The old Chinese doctor told her that she had a fumigation and wash, and only used traditional Chinese medicine for many years. The disease is cured. This Chinese medicine is pepper.Soak in the container for about half an hour, first boil the water with a fire, then continue to cook for about 15 to 20 minutes with a slow fire. Then use the hot air of the pepper solution to fumigate the affected area, and then take the bath treatment when the soup is over 40 degrees.